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Different people have different ideas on what a white wedding is:

1. Winter wedding

2. White flower bouquet with or without green leaves

3. White wedding outfits

4. White wedding party outfits

5. White wedding cake

6. White table and chair cloths and ribbons

7. White lights for a night wedding


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It's about a wedding that's white.

Billy Idol was the singer of White wedding.

The duration of White Night Wedding is 1.6 hours.

A VERY expensive wedding.

If you are not in the wedding party and there is nothing mentioned about 'white ties' then no, you should not wear a white tie.

Yes you can wear beige or off white to a wedding.

Wearing white to a wedding is extremely disrespectful (unless your the bride), and with a royal wedding, wearing white to the wedding would be like saying you don't care about your country

These are the anniversary colors: 1st Wedding Anniversary Yellow 2nd Wedding Anniversary Linen White 3rd Wedding Anniversary Light Brown 4th Wedding Anniversary Green 5th Wedding Anniversary Turquiose 6th Wedding Anniversary White 7th Wedding Anniversary Off White 8th Wedding Anniversary Bronze 9th Wedding Anniversary Terracotta 10th Wedding Anniversary Silver 11th Wedding Anniversary Turquiose 12th Wedding Anniversary Oyster White 13th Wedding Anniversary White 14th Wedding Anniversary Ivory 15th Wedding Anniversary Ruby Red 16th Wedding Anniversary Silver 17th Wedding Anniversary Yellow 18th Wedding Anniversary Blue 19th Wedding Anniversary Bronze 20th Wedding Anniversary Emerald Green/White 21st Wedding Anniversary Orange 22nd Wedding Anniversary Green 23rd Wedding Anniversary Silver 24th Wedding Anniversary Lavender 25th Wedding Anniversary Silver 30th Wedding Anniversary Green 35th Wedding Anniversary coral 40th Wedding Anniversary Ruby Red 45th Wedding Anniversary Sapphire Red 50th Wedding Anniversary Gold 55th Wedding Anniversary Emerald Green 60th Wedding Anniversary White 70th Wedding Anniversary Diamond White 75th Wedding Anniversary diamond

she wearing a white wedding dress during her wedding

Many Westerners thought that a white wedding dress was purity or virginal, but in truth it was Queen Victoria who started the trend for the white wedding dress.

Etiquette dictates that only the bride is to wear white at a wedding.

Yes, in their factories. In china use red color wedding dresses. But are manufacture white wedding dresses..

White Wedding - film - was created on 2009-04-29.

No, because white is the bride's color......just like you wouldn't want someone to go to your wedding looking better than you, wearing white to a wedding says the same thing to the bride. Unless the one of wedding colors is white or the bride speficially ask you to wear white.....DON'T DO IT!?!

It's a tradition! Also, it has something to do with the bride wearing white...and white flowers looks so beautiful in wedding.

Queen Victoria started the fashion of a white wedding dress.

It goes back to a time when it was a given that any girl was a virgin on her wedding day - white is a universal symbol of purity (also why doctors wear white). Times have changed (cough), but bridal gowns are still traditionally White, Antique White or Ivory - for a first wedding. For a second wedding or beyond, anything goes.

If the dress is not white then a white bolero is acceptable.

It should be acceptable at a "white wedding," but you'll always find "old-fashioned" people who think white is for brides only.

The wearing of white wedding dresses is a tradition that originated from the western countries. White wedding dresses are symbol of wealth which usually used by wealthy women during 20th century.

Queen Victoria of England made the first statement of a white wedding dress.

Queen Victoria wore the first white wedding gown. Gown by Winterhalter, 1842.

Wedding in White - 1972 is rated/received certificates of: Canada:PG (Ontario) USA:R

Normally, you should not wear a white dress to a wedding as that is said to take the attention away from the bride.

I've been told that white comes in different shades. For a summer wedding, you could get married at the beach and beach wedding is more and more popular.

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