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There is no one thing called a widget. The term is used generically like gadget or gizmo.

It's often used in an academic context, especially in business schools or Economics classes. For example, an economics professor might talk to her students about "the supply and demand for widgets," or a marketing teacher might ask his students to develop "a plan for selling widgets." By using a generic term they keep their students from being distracted by the item itself.


I believe originally the term widget was used in reference to a device or article the name of which you had either forgotten or never knew in the first place. For example: In the English brewing industry the term widget is a applied to a small device found in cans of beer which make the beer froth in a similar fashion to beer pumped from a keg - it became known as a widget because no-one could think of any other name for it.


In the brewing industry a widget is a small plastic or nylon device which has small holes in it and is bottled or caned inside the beer. Widgets then release small bubbles of nitrogen into the packaged beer when the container is opened.


If you are thinking about Yahoo! Widgets, go to the official website, then click on a button in the upper right hand corner that says "What is a Widget?". Hope this is what you were looking for.

a widget is a small window at the side of a computer screen


There also used to be a product called a widget. It was a hard plastic yellow handle that held a razor blade, and could be used as a scraper.

In Cell phone lingo a widget is a shortcut that is on the home screen of your mobile phone. It is just a small picture and maybe a one word description that you can click on and take you to that certain application.

Its synonymous with gadget/gizmo/doodad/contrivance/device.

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Q: What is a widget?
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Could someone explain to me how a widget works, please?

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Download the Widget from a site.Double Click to unzip it (if needed).Doubling Click the resulting widget (.wgdt) file to start the install process.Once Safari (or you) opens the widget file, you'll see a Widget Installer dialog that asks if you want to install the widget and open it in Dashboard. Click Install to take your widget out for a test drive.

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Widget, a placeholder name for an object or, more specifically, a mechanical or other manufactured device. web widget, a third party item that can be embedded in a web page.

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You have to add a widget from the blog design or layout menu settings. This widget or plugin is usually named as labels or tag cloud. Add this to your blog widget area.

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A widget is a screen graphic or icon. A file widget, also known as a shortcut, is an icon containing a link to a file. Clicking it causes the file to open.

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