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they like to eat carrots

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What is a raccoons favorite food from the wild?

the raccoons favorite food from the wild is fish

Can wild cats hunt rabbits?

Yes, wild cats do hunt rabbits. On many occasions, a cat will hunt the baby rabbits for food.

How do rabbits get the food they eat?

In the wild they get food by foraging and grazing. Domestic (pet) rabbits are fed by humans.

What is a rabbits favorite food?

rabbits love to eat carrots. they are yummy and delicious and help your eyesight!

How do wild rabbits adapt to getting food in the woods?

wild rabbits eat practically the same as tame rabbits, there vegetarians so all the eat is plants so they don't really have to adapt.

Do wild baby rabbits milk'?

yes how else would they get their food

What food rabbits eats?

Rabbit pellets domestically and grass in the wild.

What is the rabbits lifestyle of food?

They eat vegetable and fruits such as wild berries.

When are wild rabbits most active?

Wild rabbits are most active at dawn and dusk when there is less risk of predators. They take this opportunity to find food and water.

What do rabbits do in the wild?

What most animals do in the wild, looking for food, find shelter, and avoid predators who eat them.

Are wild rabbits herbivores?

Wild rabbits - like all rabbits - are herbivores.

What are elephants favorite food in the wild?

their favorite food is tree bark or leaves? their favorite food is tree bark or leaves?

What was the Pilgrims favorite food?

Wild turkey and popcorn.

Can wild rabbits have romaine lettuce?

Yes, they can. Wild animals actually can have more types of natural food because they are more adapted to different forms of food.

How wild animals dependent on small animals?

It depends on the prey. For example, wild cats depend on small rabbits for food.

What is an eagles favorite food?

A eagles favorite food is fish. They will eat rabbits, squirrels, other birds and probably anything else they can catch.

What is the golden lion tamarins favorite food?

there favorite is fruit and even wild roaches

What do wild rabbits eat in Antarctica?

Wild rabbits don't live in Antarctica.

Do wild rabbits and quails with babies get along?

No, wild rabbits and quails do not get along.

Do wild rats eat wild rabbits?

no because while the rabbits get older they get sronger so rats cant be as visious as wild rabbits. JK

What is an ocelot's favorite food?

A ocelot's favorite foods are mice, rats, rabbits, fish, lizards, frogs, birds, and snakes

What eats clover?

Among others are horses, cattle, sheep and goats. In the wild it is a favorite of deer, Elk and rabbits.

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