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A make believe creature who does not exist. In fictional stories a woman or man given magical power by the devil is considered a black magic witch.

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Q: What is a women given magical powers by the devil?
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Does having cats make women go bald?

Only if your cat has magical powers

What role does the Devil perform in Islam?

In Islam the Devil is known as Iblis or Shaytan, who has the power to cast evil suggestions into the hearts of men, women and children. Iblis has no other powers.

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What is the duration of A Devil with Women?

The duration of A Devil with Women is 1.07 hours.

When was A Devil with Women created?

A Devil with Women was created on 1930-10-18.

Why didn't women play sports in medieval times?

becuase women were considered sacrid, and they were thought to be magical and they didn't want to mess up thier magical powers. the women didn't want to ruin thier dresses. also if they lost the sports game, they would get thrown off the moats, and that would be bad. Men were also way too agressive.

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How did wonderwoman get her powers?

Wonder Woman's powers come from her Amazonian heritage, as she is a princess of the Amazons, who are an ancient group of warrior women. In addition to her enhanced physical abilities, she also possesses magical weapons and tools that further enhance her strength and abilities.

What did medieval witches look like?

Erase from your mind the wizard of oz green skinned hooked nosed hunched over old hag. they were most likely people in catholic Europe who still practiced pagan medicine. the medieval catholics, considering any that does not have to do with the word of the bible devil work, called them witches and said they had made a pact with the devil for supernatuaral powers (which is nonsence). this name was also given to women who didnt submit to there husbands will.

What are the release dates for A Devil with Women - 1930?

A Devil with Women - 1930 was released on: USA: 18 October 1930 Spain: 2 February 1931 (Madrid)

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The cast of Women Teach the Devil to Sin - 2014 includes: Anna Elizabeth McGrath as Siobhan

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