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What is a word for make lively that starts with em?

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I thought of enliven first, but that's en- not em-. According to Roget's, there are four: embolden, embellish, emblazon, and empower.

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What word means to hire that starts with en?

embaucher, you can use en or em , but this one you use em, it is the same pronunciation though

What is a word for a feeling that start with em or en?

Embarrassed is a feeling that starts with em. Feelings starting with en include enraged, enthusiastic and envy.

What is a word for to decorate that starts with em or en?

Enhance is a synonym for decorate. It begins with the letters EN.

What is a word that means a feeling that starts with en or em?

Embarrassment, enraged, enthusiastic and envy are feelings.

What other words can you make from make?

Other words from the word make include: A Am Em Ma Mae Me

What does it mean to swallow up that starts with em?


What words can you make in osoem?

Moose is the word. Other words you can make from those letters are: em es me moo some

When em tensed your left arm starts acheing?


What does the spanish word em pandik mean?

Em pandik is not Spanish.

What is Switzerland slogan?

We make em you take em

What word starts with em and is being abnormal lean or thin as a result of starvation?

Emaciated fits your description.Emaciated fits your description.

Why are you using an in front of abriviations like MA MLA?

Because the pronunciation of the letter 'm' is 'em' - which starts with a vowel. Although the abbreviation actually starts with a consonant - its pronunciation in spoken English dictates the word 'an' is used instead of 'a'.

What is the name of a college in Boston that starts with the letters Em?

Emerson College?

What is the suffix in the word emotion?


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Pepper, plate, play, polystyrene, peppy, pony, pips, polygon, posh, polite, pelican, pest, penny! There are more if ya need em...

How many words can one make from the word make?

Words formed using the letters M A K E:AAeAmEmKaKaeMaMaeMakeMe

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What is the name of the rap song made up of all other rap songs It starts with All I have in this world is my balls and my word and I don't break em for nobody?

I am looking for this too, did you ever find it?

What is a word for to decorate beginning in em or en?


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Como A e A palavra em ingles?

The word