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"Advisor" "Consultant" "Mentor" "Wise man" Busybody Know it all Officious interloper a Polonious SidePoint: a word to use to describe someone who gives advice HAS to take the context and intentions of both the advisee and the advisor into consideration before it's applied to the advisor.

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What is a word that rhymes with suffice that means counsel or suggestion?


What is the definition of warning?

The word warning basically means there is a potential risk for harm. It can also refer to someone giving you cautionary advice.

What word means missing someone?

Another word that means missing someone is pining. The word pining means to deeply yearn for or to suffer with longing for someone.

What is a word that means words of wisdom?

The word could be "advice" or "proverbs".

Can you use the word advice in a sentence?

If you need any advice, ask your parents or someone you trust.

A 5 letter word that gives the original meaning of quiz?

Tease. When Jane Austen says someone is 'quizzing' someone else, she means they are teasing.

What is a word that rhymes with suffice that means counsel?


What is the meaning of the word advise?

To give someone advice or counsel.

What is the English meaning of the Malayalam word om an?

there is no word as "om an". It must've been "oomban"which means "someone who gives blowjob to another. Did someone address this to you? Sorry for being the bringer of bad news.

Which word rhymes with mice that means a helpful opinion?


What word means being willing to listen to advice?

The word you are seeking may be amenable.

What is the correct spelling for the word advice?

There are two words, advise and advice. Advise is the verb, advice is what you get. Someone can advise you by giving you advice. So it depends on which one you mean.

What word means mutually dependent?

i don't know what it means ask someone else. But advice from me, you can never trust the Internet with giving you answers because they may have the wrong answer your looking for. Like this one!

What word means to tell about someone or something?

someone means a person something means a thing

What is the word frighten means?

it means to scare someone

One word for someone who gives suggestions?


What is the collective noun for the word advice?

Collective nouns for the word advice are word of advice, bit of advice, or piece of advice.

A word that means someone who governs?

The word for someone who governs is a governor. Another word for someone who governs would be president or mayor.

What does associate mean?

It means someone who is associated with someone else, someone who works with them.The word means to connect in thought

What word means gives a light and starts with a can?


What word means to look like someone else?

To resemble someone means to look like them.

What word means an unfair opinion about someone?

Prejudice is an unfair opinion of someone, it means to prejudge.

What is the difference between the words advice and advised?

The difference between the two words is their tense, and the word in and of itself. Advised is the past tense of advise, which is to give advice to someone. Advice is information you give to someone to assist them in making a decision.

What is a word that means someone who looks at an event?

The word is spectator.

What is another word for to challenge someone to do something?

Dare is a word that means to challenge someone to do something.

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