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The worker can be referred to as a specialist depending on the specific field.

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2009-10-08 01:55:08
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Q: What is a worker that only does one type of job?
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What is an analogy for gene?

a worker that only does one job

What type of unemployment is characterized by a worker looking for a job when there is no reason that he or she should not find one?

Frictional unemployment

Difference between a professional worker and an average worker?

A professional worker usually has a job that requires training and education. An average worker is one that has a common job.

Who's going to be sir allen's apprentice from the apprentice on BBC one?

a worker job thinging thing a worker job thinging thing a worker job thinging thing

What is most important to the average worker with regards to job satisfaction and pay increases?

No matter the pay... no matter the conditions... no matter the type of work... the NUMBER ONE most important thing is: is it YOUR job! (job security)

Is it illegal to pay a worker ten dollars more an hour doing the same job as another worker?

if it isn't, it SHOULD beAnswer:It depends on the circumstances. Any of these following points would justify a pay differential:has the one worker been their longer and is higher in the pay scale because of thisis one worker better than the other (does the job better)is one worker union and the other notis one worker a tempis one worker in training

How many stings in a worker bee?

A worker bee has only one sting.

What is the wealthiest job ever?

one of the most famous for wealthiest job is an astronaut or oil rig worker.

What skills and abilities do you need to become a perfect worker?

Every job has it own particular requirements. There is no one set of skills and abilities which would make you a perfect worker for every job.

Where can a job as a bindery worker be located?

Directly, a bindery worker can obtain a job at any newspaper or magazine manufacturing facility. Also one might look at job searching site such as Monster, Career Builder or ISeek.

What are the habits of a male ant?

Male ants only have one job and that is to mate with the queen ant. After they mate, the male ant dies. All of the worker ants are female.

What is a perfect job?

the perfect job is the one that brings the most enjoyment to the worker, despite the income (though that does make for a great perk)

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