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What is a xylem job or function?


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The xylem takes water up from the roots of a plant to the leaves.


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function of xylem vessel is water conduction

The main function is for xylem tube to transport water and minerals.

Xylem is not a cell. It is a tissue.Xylem transports water and ions

The function of cambium is to create the xylem and phloem.

the xylem transports water and the phloem transports organic substances.

Xylem is a tissue found in higher plants.Water and mineral conduction is the job.

Xylem transports water and mineral ions. It is like water pipes of plants

Xylem transports water and ions. Phloem transports organic food.

Xylem tissue carries a water mixture and minerals from the roots to leaves

Xylem is a part of vascular bundle and its function is conduction of water and minerals in the plant.

The main function of xylem within a plant is to transport water and minerals from the roots up to the actual plant itself.

It requires water as a raw material. Xylem provides water for it

Conduction of minerals and water

They don't. Xylem cells are dead, while phloem cells are alive.

Xylem cells are adapted to its function through its ring of lignin. The lignin helps in strengthening the cell walls to cope with osmotic pressure.

If xylem in a vascular plant does not function properly conduction of water and minerals become difficult. this results in the retardation of growth.

Xylem tubes carry water and minerals, phloem tubes carry sap or sugar

Xylem is not an organism. It is a tissue found in flowering plants, whose function is to carry water up from the roots.

The xylem generally transports water throughout the plant (and some nutrients) while the phloem transports soluble organic material made during photosynthesis.

There is structural difference between xylem and phloem. This is because their function is also different. Had there been no difference in structure, how these could have performed different function?

The xylem is responsible for the transport of water and nutrients from the roots to the leaves. In the leaf, the xylem continues this transport to the cells in the leaf to ensure that enough water is present for photosynthesis to occur.

is to transport water for roots to the stem

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