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A zedonk is an offspring of a male zebra and a female donkey.

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A zedonk is a cross between a female donkey and a male zebra.

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Is a zedonk real?

yes a zedonk was born when a donkey and zebra mated.

What does the zedonk look like?

A Zedonk basically looks like a donkey with the stripes of a zebra.

What does 'zedonk' mean?

A Zebroid is an animal that is half Zebra and half Equine (Horse, Donkey etc.) In the case of a Zedonk, it is half Zebra and Half Donkey. The male is the Zebra and the female is the donkey.

Are the any synonyms for the word zedonk?


Is a zedonk a carnivore herbivore or omnivore?


How does a zedonk adapt to its environment?

very well

What is the offspring of a zebra and a donkey?

A zedonk and im not kidding it actually is.

What do you get if you cross a donkey with a zebra?

You will get what is called a zedonk [zee-donk]

What is the child of a female donkey and a male zebra called?


What animal has zebra stripes besides a zebra?

A zedonk can have stripes. A zedonk is a cross between a donkey and a zebra. Don't worry, its real. People do breed donkeys with zebras. There's one at some zoo in america.

How much does a zedonk cost?

I saw one that costs $800. I don't know if that is good or not though.

What do you call a male zebra crossed with a female donkey?

they are called Zedonk and some people call them Zonkies

Why cant a zedonk be classified as a species?

Equine, because that is what both parents are apart of {A donkey and a zebra} Although it is a muttation.

What is the definition of zedonk?

A cross between a donkey and a zebra.A cross between a donkey and a zebra.

Where would a zedonk be in a food chain?

someone please answer this im doing a report on them and that is one of the key questions in my powerpoint please someone answer this quickly

Can a zebra have babies with a donkey or a horse?

Yes! The babies are sterile. A donkey crossed with a zebra is commonly called a zorse, and a donkey crossed with a zebra is often called a zedonk.

Is the zebra related to the donkey?

They must be genetically close, because I've seen a photo of a cross between the two, and it was called a "zedonk" ( no kidding) Both are of the same genus-Equus

What nature word start with the letter z?

zebrazedonkzinniaszucchinizebra musselzoozoogeographyzoogeographiczookeeperzoological gardenzoolAnd many, many, MANY others... :)

What do zedonks eat?

zedonks eat the same thing as as all equines do. they eat hay, grass, grain, carrots,apples ect. I know because I have a zedonk gelding named Pepper is 11 years old.

When did donkeys become zebras?

Donkeys are zebras are two completely separate animals. A donkey has always been a donkey and a zebra has always been a zebra. A donkey and a zebra can breed and produce a cross-breed called a zedonk.

What is the offspring of a female horse and a male zebra?

Crossing a zebra stallion on a horse mule produces a Zorse. Zebra hybrids are usually the result of a male zebra bred either to a female horse (zorse) or to a donkey jennet (Zebrass or zedonk).

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