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Q: What is accommodating cultural differences and commonalities?
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What are the cultural commonalities of the Nordic countries?


What is Search for Common Ground's motto?

Search for Common Ground's motto is 'Understanding Differences, Acting on Commonalities'.

Can marriages coexist with fundamental cultural differences?

Yes, Marriages coexist with fundamental cultural differences...

What are examples or cultural differences?

A couple of examples of cultural differences are tradition and how people eat their food.

Classical china and the post classical Muslim world are similar in that unity and cultural identity were provided by what?

commonalities of the spoken or written language

What are the cultural differences between U.S and Czech cultures?

What are the cultural differences between U.S. and Czech cultures

What is cultural ignorance?

Cultural ignorance exists when individuals have no knowledge of cultural differences.

What procedure of comparing cultural similarities as well as differences among societies?

Cross-cultural research is the procedure of comparing cultural similarities as well as differences among societies.

Why is it important to recognize cultural differences?

It is important to recognize cultural differences because it help people live in harmony in a given society.

Is the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict based on cultural differences?

Partially, but not entirely. There are also national differences, governmental differences, religious differences, land valuation, and numerous other reasons that help to perpetuate the conflict. Cultural differences, though, explain a lot.

What are some things to do in Sinaloa?

Mazatlán offers an array of watersports, fine resorts and multi-cultural cuisine. The people are very friendly and accommodating.

Are cultural values the same worldwide or are there marked differences?

There are differences for cultural values. For example, Turkish people kiss hand of the old people but this cultural value is not valid for America or another countries.