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In Grammar
it means something that you can afford; affordibility
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What is the most affordable car on the market?

In terms of price and fuel economy, I would advice that you check out smaller cars. They are affordable and can give you a good mileage. A good example for this are the Smart Cars. Though small, it can give you a good mileage, its cheap and it scored 5 stars in its safety/crash test. You may conside ( Full Answer )

Can dentists afford expensive cars?

What an odd question? Just about anyone can afford an expensive car if they (a) are willing to save up for it, and (b) are willing to sacrifice life's other experiences/objects!

What is the antonym of afford?

An antonym is a word that means the opposite of another word. Anantonym for the word afford could be take away.

What is the best affordable dog food?

Seems nothing is affordable anymore...... Top shelf Innova, California Naturals, $$$. Medium priced Nutro brands, get these at Petco or Feed stores or Blue Seal Brand. Some dog foods alot of well known brands including Iams, Nutro and alot of others, had some recalls on there canned and one of th ( Full Answer )

What is the affordable sport bike?

An affordable sport bike is the Kawasaki Ninja 300. At under$5,000, it is capable of rapid acceleration, excellent fueleconomy, and a comfortable ride.

What do you do if you can't afford your mortgage?

You should call your city offices to ask if there is any agency that provides counseling to homeowners in your situation. You could also try to contact your state's attorney general consumer division for advice. You may need to discuss your situation with the lender to determine what it will do to h ( Full Answer )

Where can you get affordable liposuction?

Assuming you want to stay in the country to do this you will have to some research into the clinics that offer the service. Some offer financing. Some do an interest free option. Be sure to choose one of the most respected surgeons in the field.

What is affordable housing?

Affordable housing usually refers to living quarters with housing costs that are considered "affordable" to those in the median income range. Ir is most commonly used to describe rental housing that is within the financial means of lower income individuals or families. Generally, affordable housing ( Full Answer )

What does afford mean?

it means able to pay for. example: if you can afford a car, that means you can pay for it.

Is there a saxophone that is affordable?

Yes, there are plenty of ways to find an affordable saxophone. Look online on sites like ebay, or go to a local pawn shop. Most music stores rent out musical instruments, you can even rent-to-own! You can buy used saxes that are still in top condition for a fraction of the price of a new one!

Afforded this drug?

my dr ordered me the drug lovenox but i can not afford it can some one help me get this drug

Who can afford taverns?

Only 5% of a town or village that were rich could afford it because they were very expensive.

How much can a business afford?

The answer varies heavily. Apple inc., for example, is a multi-billion dollar producing corporation while your local convenient store makes little. It depends on what business you are referring to.

Charles Manson how can he afford doctors?

All inmates in the United States have medical and dental care courtesy of Uncle Sam, aka the government. this probably isn't correct , but the guy has written books and made albums in jail , maybe somehow he could use that money for doctor usage?. just a thought anyway , because i know i cant tou ( Full Answer )

How do you afford LEGO?

Well, if you are a kid, you can do chores, enter contests, etc. If you have a job, earn it!

You cant afford a house in sims what do you do?

Move your sims into a house they can afford. (sims 2 PC) use the cheat 'motherlode' or 'kaching' and you will get money, move them out then move them into the desired house ;)

What is a reliable and affordable SUV?

A reliable and affordable SUV has to be a Hummer H2, they are not the cheepest but a without doubt reliable, they are perfect for running over small living creatures such as dogs, children ect.. HONDA 2010 CR-V

What is a sentence for afford?

When I asked my parents for a drum kit they told me, "Sorry but we can't afford it right now.".

Can you use afforded in a sentence?

I could have answered that if I had afforded myself more time. What appointments were you afforded at the hotel? I only bought a ticket to San Francisco because I thought that I couldn't have afforded a ticket to Sacramento.

How do I get out of a condo I can't afford?

Your best course of action is to sell the property. Depending on its market value and your mortgage, you may be able to work with your lender to affect a sale. Doing nothing will only increase your debt and discomfort. An alternative would be to take in roommates, which may bring in monies with ( Full Answer )

What is a good affordable paintball gun?

The best marker, at $90 is the Azodin Kaos. It won the Techpb award in the sub $100 marker category. Azodin is a newer company that has taken the traditional Spyder designs and put quality parts and improvements into them. It is a completely industry standard marker, with an Autococker threaded barr ( Full Answer )

What does the word afforded mean?

The word means "given" or "allowed", using the archaic meaning of afford (to give). Example : "The defendant was afforded an opportunity to state his defense."

What is an affordable study abroad agency?

Every agency charge almost the same charges for study abroad. It isadvisable to consult 2-3 agencies for a demo consultation and thenchoose the one that you think is able to effectively help you out.

What if you can not afford a funeral?

The average full blown funeral can cost up to 12K up front if you go directly to a funeral home. You can cut costs on products such as caskets by shopping on line. Funeral homes have a 100% mark up on their products and make a bundle off of them. I have a friend who works for a funeral internet base ( Full Answer )

How do you describe a person who can afford a house. Can he be called 'affordable' person?

A person who can afford to buy a house would be referred to as a person who considers the house 'affordable' , meaning he has sufficient money to buy the house. If the house is particularly expensive, he might be referred to as an 'affluent' person, meaning a person who could be considered wealt ( Full Answer )

Where can you find affordable designer items?

If you are into young, teenager clothing brands then i definitely suggest Supr'e, Cotton On, Sportsgirl. But if you are well over that sort of thing i recommend Esprit, Colorado, Dotti and even Kmart and Big W have really good affordable clothing brands and costs. Hope I helped :)

Why is affordable housing a public good?

If by " Affordable Housing" you mean, the Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program (LIHTC)and by " Public Good" you mean financed by taxaition, then actually LIHTC program is not a " Public Good" Sinced it is not financed by tax payers. The owner that developes a LIHTC projects receives a reduction to ( Full Answer )

The most affordable life insurance?

In general, there are many different policies available depending on various circumstances. There are expensive life insurance policies and there are cheap ones. The expensive life insurance policies which include whole life and universal life policies are investment devices as well which also acc ( Full Answer )

Why is there such a lack of affordable housing in the UK?

The main reason - is house prices are out-pacing peoples wages - making it more and more difficult for people to afford to buy houses. Banks and building societies will only lend so much money to new lenders. If they want large houses, they have to pay a sizeable deposit. Council houses used to b ( Full Answer )

Where can you get affordable makeup?

okay, so i need to find out where your from but here is some places in united states + united kingdom. UK: im from UK and the best places to buy affordable makeup is superdrug, boots primark, and even poundland. (poundland has a famous brands range, just loo for a lilic packaging with silver meta ( Full Answer )

How do you build affordable mountain bike?

If this is about one guy wanting to build himself an affordable bike, then forget it. Getting a whole bike from a yard sale, craigslist, eBay or something like that will be a lot cheaper than buying the parts to build a bike. If it's about how companies build affordable bikes, well then the answe ( Full Answer )

Who helped make computers affordable?

Probably the companies that joined in marketing "personalcomputers" to consumers. That is when computers became smaller,more easily accessible, and people started to buy them for theirhomes. Before that, computers were gigantic things that onlycompanies could afford. IBM, Apple, and Bill Gates and h ( Full Answer )

What is a sentence for the word afford?

Because his salary was cut, he can no longer afford the house payment. I was late for work three times last week so I cannot afford to be late again. He's a wealthy man who can easily afford his daughter's extravagant wedding. How can she afford diamonds and a fur coat when she has no job? ( Full Answer )

Why street foods are affordable?

street foods are affordable because they are high in fat ,.,., and people love the great tast of a city berger or hot dog and not all bergers are cooked fully so you are at risk of cist and bacterica that lives in raw meat

What job do you need to afford a lamborghinni?

Own and run a successful business. If you work FOR somebody, its unlikely you can truly afford a lamborghini. Rent them. Its cheaper and anyone with any job can save up and afford to rent one for a day.

Is afford gerund or infinitive?

It seems that 'to afford' is the infinitive while 'affording' is the gerund. According to grammar books, the infinitive is used after 'afford', though people (even native speakers) may use the gerund. However, what about the gerundial complex? It looks correct to say 'I cannot afford you/your attend ( Full Answer )

When they say its affordable are they paying you?

No, it means that they reckon you should have the money to pay for whatever it is they are trying to sell. For instance if you take out a mortgage to purchase a house, then it is important that your monthly repayments for the mortgage are affordable. In other words that you are earning enough mon ( Full Answer )

How affordable is liposuction?

Lipsuction can be affordable if you know where to look. There are online sites that will group prices into which areas you are looking at getting done.

What is the noun for afford?

The noun form for the verb afford is the gerund affording. A related noun form is affordability.

Why eyeglasses is affordable?

They are made affordable so that people who have problems with their eyes could get them easier. Otherwise, it would be really problematic if they weren't.

Are dams affordable?

Yes, dams are affordable! But we do not buy one. Well in some ways we do but the government uses our taxes to have one built. Hope this was a little helpful...

Is afford an adverb?

No, it is not. It is a verb (to afford). The adjective form "affordable" has an adverb form, affordably.

What you can not afford to lose?

One might say your life but, this question is really to vague and thus has no real answer. If you have a better answer please replace this one

How do you afford a loan?

Avoid maintaining bad credit history, without fail we have to pay back our loans interest every month. Always try to apply loans with secured credit cards and try to maintain credit scores in higher levels.

How affordable is California?

California is definitely one of the most expensive states to live in. Its median home price is $303,000, but this is not close to the highest it's ever been. However, you can find cheap homes in California and you can find very expensive homes. For example, if you go into the valleys and more inland ( Full Answer )

Is afford an adjective?

It is a verb when used with an object. As in - the town can afford to repair the street. As an adjective, affordable

What is the adjective for afford?

The verb to afford (be able to buy) can use the adjective affordable . The verb to afford (offer or grant) can use the present and pastparticiples, affording and afforded , as adjectives.