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What is age and value of Stevens 26 22cal?


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The no.26 was made by stevens between 1912-1945.There was 501,500 made during this time span.

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The No 26 was manufactured from 1912 - 1939.

what is the value of a j. stevens crack shot 26,22 caliber s/n 18

They are going for 50-200 depending on condition.

Your J stevens model 26 crackshot,is a boys type single shot rifle with a under lever opening,a 18in.round barrel,hardwood straight grip stock and forearm with open sights.these were made from 1913-1941.They were chambered in either .22cal rimfire,or .32cal rimfire caliber.

got qouted 400 euros for a mint condition crack shot 26

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A Stevens Model 26 "Crackshot" in .32 caliber was for sale on until the auction closed December 14, 2006. The only price indicated, $257.50 seemed to be the minimum bid specified by the seller.

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your model 26 crackshot is going for between 75-225 dollars depending on condition.

William Randolph Stevens was born on June 26, 1940, in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.

The approximate dates are abt 1886-1916. In 1920 Stevens started using the "J. Stevens Arms Co." instead of the Stevens Tools and Arms of earlier versions - I think Crackshots were made thru 36 (?) - so I'm assuming yours is a later version - 1920-36. Hope that helps THe No 26 was manufactured from 1912 - 1939.

-62 - 26 = -88 Absolute value is 88.

Side lever Crackshot--$100 to $250 No. 26 Crackshot -- $100 to $250 No. 26 1/2 Smoothbore -- $65 to $175 From the Blue Book of Gun Values

crack shot 26 questionam searching for value of a crack shot26 long rifle by j. Stevens arms and tools chicopee falls mass usa pat. date April 22,1913

Inger Stevens in Sweden - 1965 TV was released on: USA: 26 February 1965

The No 26 Crack Shot was built from 1913 to 1939. That version of the company name was not used until 1920, when Stevens became a division of Savage Arms. Regarding a rifle stamped J. Stevens A. T. Co. Pat. 1794: The name J. Stevens Arms & Tool Co, (or A&T Co) was used from 1886 to 1916. That patent date (April 17, '94 is 1894, not 1794) appears on several models. Whichever model you have seen, it must have been made sometime between 1894 and 1916. Without knowing the model and condition, I can't give you a value. It could be $125 for a #12 in poor condition to $2800 for a #54 in excellent condition.

that depends on what the value of c is.

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