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Anything that isn't a weapon, can't cause damage, and is logical to take with you. If you want to take a cell phone you can, but put your cell phone into airplane mode before take off.
... only that which is absolute necessary on the flight. Rules vary between airlines, ask your airline or check their webpage.

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Are asthma inhalers allowed on airplanes?

Yes, all prescribed medications are allowed on airplanes.

Are slingshots allowed on airplanes?

Yes It is allowed

Are phones allowed on airplanes?

Phones aren't allowed on airplanes, because they may influence cockpit controls.

Are alcohol nips allowed in airplanes?

You can bring alcohol nipples on airplanes

Are flashlights allowed on airplanes?


Are disposable razors allowed on airplanes?


Can you carry foods on airplanes?

No you are not allowed.

Are binoculars allowed on airplanes?

No problem.

Are razors allowed on Northwest Airline Airplanes?


Are shaving razors allowed on airplanes?


Are binoculars allowed in carry on on airplanes?

Yes, they are.

Are aerosol cans allowed on airplanes?

of course

Are irons allowed on airplanes?

as long as you have it in a suitcase and not a carry on

Are e cigaretts allowed on airplanes?

Not to be used on the airplane, no.

Why are airplanes not allowed to fly over the community in The Giver?


How did airplanes change warfare?

It allowed people to fly on reconnisence and allowed bombings of small sorts.

Are cellphones allowed on passenger trains?

Yes, cellphones are allowed on passenger trains, unlike airplanes.

Do they smoke weed on airplanes?

You are not allowed to smoke ANYTHING on an airplane.

Are face creams allowed on airplanes?

Yes but maximum 100ml .

What are you allowed to bring on airplanes?

find it out yourself dumb people

Are cigarette lighters allowed on airplanes?

No, because they could be used as a weapon.

Are kittens allowed on airplanes?

Pets are usually allowed in the cargo section, however they must be secured in carry pens.

Are laptops allowed on airplanes?

yes, but turn it off at the start when they tell you too.

Why aren't hockey sticks allowed on airplanes?

so that we dont hit anyone

What liquids aren't allowed on airplanes?

All liquids aren't allowed on an airplane, unless the liquid is bought after passing through the gates.