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Q: What is always in water but doesn't get wet?
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What goes through water but doesnt get wet?

A waterproof jacket. Oxygen

What are the two things that you know are always true about flowing water?

Flowing Water always flow downwards, and is always wet

Why was whale's back glistening?

Whales live in the water, so they are always wet. Wet skin glistens.

How do people describe water?

Water tastes like water. It doesnt really taste like anything. xD

Is water dry?

Water isn't wet by itself, but it makes other materials wet when it sticks to the surface of them.

What happens to gold when you put it in water?

It usually sinks, but always gets wet.

What is neither water nor land and is always soaking wet?

storm cloud

Why is BK so funny?

Just because, the sky is blue, water is always wet and BK is always funny!

Does all food have water in it?

NoFizzymax555:Nope because it depends.Meat doesnt always need water or something like that

Can you get water bouncers wet?

Yes, you most certainly can get them wet. Although they float on the water, users will certainly get it soaked. Also, there is always a chance for rain while it is out on the lake. No worries though, water bouncers are water proof!

Why does water feel wet?

well that a good question because our skin has a moist spongy scent to it so to most other things it doesnt feel wet it feels like something different

What side of the mountain is always wet?

The wet side of the mountain is called the windward side. The dry side of the mountain is called the leeward side.