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His rights are to pay child support and petition for visitation.

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Q: What is an 18 year old fathers rights to his newborn child?
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Can a 13 year old child sign a document to give up their rights to claim deceases fathers property inheritance?

No. A thirteen year old cannot execute a "legal" document.

Why the pulse of a newborn is faster than a child?

That grow quicker in the first year of their lives than when they are a child

What if the child is born in Mexico and the American father is only 16 do the fathers American parents have any rights or the 16 year old father someone please reply need help?

Since the father is a minor, I would think that his parents have rights.

What rights do parents have over a 17-year-old child?

The same rights they had when they were younger. Your child is not 18 yet.

If your child's father pays child support but has not had any contact with her in a year does he still have any rights to her?

Yes. He has rights until his rights are terminated by a court order.

If your 15 year old is pregnant can she give the child the fathers last name in Texas?


What rights do parents have over me sixteen year olds?

ALL rights. You're still a child.

If you have full custody of your 3-year-old son what rights does his mother have and what rights does your new wife have?

A step-parent has no legal rights regarding your child. The biological mother has visitation rights and other rights when the child is in her custody.

Can a unwed mother move out of state with a child without the fathers consent and They are living together over a year but recently broke u she is threating to take the child out of state?

Unfortunately, yes. But, I will teach him that he needs to file an injunction to order the return of the child pending a full hearing on parental rights. see links below

Can a 14 year old child who mother has had her parental rights terminated refuse to be adopted by the fathers new wife?

That depends. A child has the right to state their opinion to the court and their wishes will be taken into consideration. Whether or not they will be granted depends on the validity of the child's reasoning and whether or not the judge in the case feels it would be in the child's best interests to deny the adoption petition based on the same.

Is it legal to make a woman put the last name of her exhusband for a newborn that is not his if she had the baby and they werent divorced for more than a year?

If he's paying child support for the child.

How do you cite the United nations convention on the rights of the child in APA style?

In APA style, you can cite the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child as follows: United Nations. (Year). Convention on the Rights of the Child. Retrieved from URL. Remember to include the year the convention was adopted and the specific URL where it can be accessed.