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it can see astronomical objects that emit only gamma rays.

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What are 3 examples of telescopes that detect different types of electromagnetic radiation?

radio telescopeoptical telescopex-ray telescopegamma ray telescope

Which type of telescope uses a scintillation detector?


Which type of telescope detects radiation?

Most types of telescope focus radiation. All but one do not actually detect it. The detection of radiation is undertaken by a sensor (a camera or the human eye) at the focus of the telescope.The exception is a gamma ray detector which, as high energy gamma rays can not be focused, captures the effect that the gamma ray produces when it hits things (it causes a cascade in the atmosphere). A gamma ray detector may be able to tell you in which direction a gamma ray came from and how energetic it was but it can not actually form a image of the gamma ray source.

What are other kinds of telescope used by astronomers to observe star?

optical telescoperadiotelescopexray telescopeinfrared telescopeultraviolet telescopegamma-ray telescope

What is a gamma telescope?

A gamma telescope is like any other telescope except unlike the traditional telescope that detects visible light, it detects gamma rays, high energy electromagnetic waves with much shorter wavelenghts which are invisible to the human eye. Gamma rays because of their high energy nature are rare and created in high energy astrophysics such as supernova. Swift combines a gamma ray telescope with an X-ray telescope and UV telescopes to detect high energy events and their afterglow.

What are NASA's the best observatories?

There are four: Hubble Space Telescope, Compton Gamma Ray Observatory, Chandra X-ray Observatory, and the Spitzer Space Telescope.

What satellite observatories is used to examine the collision of neutron stars?

Femi Gamma Ray Telescope

Would it make sense to place an X-ray or gamma ray telescope on a mountain top?

No, x-rays and gamma rays are blocked by our atmosphere, if you want to observe them, you have to go into space.

What is a good place to put a telescope?

optical telescopes - high mountain far from city light pollutionradio telescope - anyplace with little radio interference in the bands it operates inx-ray or gamma ray telescope - in orbitneutrino telescope - deep in an abandoned salt mine.etc.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of gamma telescopes?

The main disadvantage of a gamma telescope is that the rays penetrate everything making it difficult to reflect them. The advantage is that they can view wavelengths outside of the Earth's atmosphere.

Would it make sense to place an x-ray or gamma ray telescope on a mountaintop?

No because, most ultraviolet radiation are blocked by earth's atmosphere.

Would it make sense to place a x ray or gamma ray telescope on mountaintops?

No, there is still too much air above it. That would block the rays.

What are two types of telescopes?

There are MORE than 2 types of telescope :-Radio TelescopeOptical TelescopeX Ray TelescopeGravity Wave TelescopeNeutrino TelescopeLobster Eye TelescopeMicrowave TelescopeGamma Ray TelescopeThermal/Infrared TelescopeSpace Telescope(there are more, this list is not exhaustive)However in the class of Optical Telescope there are two main designs, Those using mirrors (Reflecting Telescopes) and those using lenses (Refracting Telescopes).

Why do we use gamma ray machine?

We use a gamma ray machine to find out where the gamma rays are and where they are pointed to. We also use these machines to study a gamma ray.

Where is the Fermi gamma ray telescope located?

In low earth orbit, perigee 333 miles, apogee 344 miles, inclination 25.58 degrees, orbital period 95.40 minutes, velocity 17,000 miles per hour. Gamma ray (and x-ray) telescopes must be in space because the atmosphere is opaque to gamma rays (and x-rays).

What do we use gamma ray for?

We use Gamma Ray to make Hulk

What type of ray is gamma ray commonly known as?

well none, its either gamma ray or gamma radiation, it has the same wavelength as an x-ray but higher energy level.

What is the wavelength of a gamma ray?

The wavelength of a gamma-ray is 10-11 metres

What is the energy of a gamma ray?

A gamma ray will have energy in excess of 100 keV (kiloelectronvolts).

What kind of telescope is the chandra telescope?

The Chandra X-Ray Observatory is an x-ray telescope; technically a type called a "Wolter telescope."

Is a gamma ray a natural ray?

Yes, a gamma ray is a natural ray. It occurs as a result of changes to atomic nuclei, and we most often see them (gamma rays) appear in radioactive decay.

What is the symbol of Gamma-ray?

The symbol for gamma-ray is the lower case of the third letter of the Greek alphabet,γ

What kind of gamma ray can penetrate solids?

Gamma rays are gamma rays are gamma rays.

What is a gamma ray made up of?

Gamma radiation.

What is the function of gamma rays?

what is function of gamma ray