Scattergories and Words Starting with Certain Letters

What is an Alphabet of Animals?

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A American Alligator

B Bison

C Collie

D Dolphin

E Eagle

F Fox

G Giraffe

H Hippopotamus

I Ibis

J Jaguar

K Koala

L Lion

M Monkey

N Nanny Goat

O Ox

P Porcupine

Q Quail

R Reindeer

S Skunk

T Tarantula

U Ulysses Butterfly

V Vulture

W Wolf

X X-Ray Tetra (fish)

Y Yellow Jacket

Z Zebra

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Do all pond animals have a letter of the alphabet?

Yes, they do.

Animals of the alphabet in Australia?

dingoes, wallabies, kangaroos

What rainforest animals begin with each letter of the alphabet?


What Hebrew letter of the alphabet signifies love?

No letter of the Hebrew alphabet signifies love. All of the letters of the Hebrew alphabet originally signified either animals or common household items, then later they signified only consonant sounds.

What has the author Feodor Rojankovsky written?

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What has the author Graham R Wiemer written?

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Animals for every letter of the alphabet?

animal for n and other letters

Do all animals burp the alphabet?

No... I'm pretty sure that it's just humans who are able to burp the alphabet xD ...Disgusting ones at that xD

Is there any animals starting with the alphabet 'T'?

Tiger, tasmanian devil, tigon,

What is Something you were that starts with letter a?


What has the author Muriel Hoff written?

Muriel Hoff has written: 'Animal alphabet rhymes for children up to ninety' -- subject(s): Alphabet rhymes, Animals, Poetry

What is the best site to learn Chinese alphabet a to z?

In China, we do have different song and animals for the alphabet a to z. It may be a little bit hard for English speakers at the very beginning.

Is it rue that in the ancient region of Phoenicia an alphabet was developed using symbols that represented animals people and plaes?

Yes - it formed the basis of the Greek, Roman and our present day alphabet.

All the animals names in the alphabet?

ayam babi cicak dog eagle frog goose

What card comes first in a card catalog animals birds or an adventure and why?

Adventure is first in the alphabet

What has the author Diane Hill written?

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What has the author Constance Rummel Bergum written?

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What has the author Alison Murray written?

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What alphabet was the model for our alphabet?

We use the Latin alphabet, which was based on the Greek Alphabet, which was inspired by the Hebrew Alphabet.

What alphabet was the basis of the greek alphabet?

The Phoenician alphabet was the inspiration for the Greek alphabet.

Which alphabet is the Cyrillic alphabet derived from?

The Cyrillic alphabet is derived from the Greek alphabet, with the addition of several characters from the Hebrew alphabet.

What alphabet did the greek alphabet come from?

The Phoenician Alphabet

Is the Romanian Alphabet the same as the Roman alphabet?

There is no Roman alphabet. It's called the Latin alphabet, and yes, the Romanian alphabet is a variety of the Latin alphabet, just as English is.

From which alphabet is the English alphabet derived?

The Latin Alphabet (somewhat erroneously called the Roman Alphabet).

Which alphabet formed the basis for the English alphabet?

The Latin Alphabet formed the basis for the English alphabet.

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