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constant velocity means the speed and direction are the same.

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When is an object's average velocity equal to its instantaneous velocity?

If the velocity is constant (i.e., there is no acceleration). Terminal velocity is an example, although any constant velocity would fit this description.

Real life example of newtons first law of motion?

Constant velocity is the Newton's first law. A real life example is Sunlight, an example of constant velocity, light traveling at the constant speed of light.. On earth, an ice skater gliding or a hockey puck sliding on ice is a close example of nearly constant velocity. A stable oil drilling platform is close to zero constant velocity.

What is an example of constant velocity with changing speed?

That isn't possible. You can have a constant speed and a changing velocity, but not the other way round.

If a car moves at constant speed also moving at constant velocity give an example?

A car moving at constant speed in a straight line is also moving at constant velocity.

Can a body have constant velocity when it has constant speed?

Of course. In fact, in order to have constant velocity, it must have constant speed.What you really want to know: Can a body have changing velocity when it has constant speed ?The answer to that one is also "yes", for example when it is moving in a circle, the speed is constant but the velocity is changing all the time (in direction).

What is an example of constant speed with changing velocity?

Velocity is a vector, thus it has a direction. Therefore, you can change the velocity by changing direction. A great example of this is a ball on a string spinning at a constant speed, but it is continually changing direction, therefore, even though the speed is constant the velocity changes at every instant.

Can you go around a curve with constant velocity?

No. Constant velocity implies a constant speed, AND a constant direction.No. Constant velocity implies a constant speed, AND a constant direction.No. Constant velocity implies a constant speed, AND a constant direction.No. Constant velocity implies a constant speed, AND a constant direction.

Is motion with constant velocity an example of motion with constant acceleration?

Well, technically yes, and we even know the magnitude of the constant acceleration.If velocity is constant, that tells you that acceleration is zero, which sounds likea constant to us.

What is nature of velocity in constant speed?

Velocity magnitude is unchanging at constant speed. The direction might change (velocity is a vector with both size (speed) and direction) if , for example, you are driving around a curve at a constant speed.

What forces maintain constant velocity?

For an object to be in constant motion (i.e. constant velocity), the net force acting on the object must equal 0. For example, if a block was sliding on a friction-less plane at a constant velocity, then no force would be needed to maintain that velocity. If however the plane DID have friction, then a force equal to the force of friction would be needed to maintain constant velocity.

Is it possible to have a changing velocity and a constant speed?

Yes it is possible to have a changing velocity at a constant speed. Velocity is defined as the rate of change of position therefore if the direction of the constant speed changes then that constitutes a changing velocity. For example driving in a circle means that the speed is constant but the direction changes as you drive :) Betlehem Semahge

Can constant velocity be zero?

Yes. Zero velocity is a velocity; if it is always zero then it is a constant velocity.

What is an example of something at constant speed but not constant velocity?

You are driving your car with cruise control but you steer around a bend in the highway. The cruise control keeps your speed constant, but by steering you change your direction and thus your velocity is not constant.

What is formulas finding speed and velocity?

velocity = distance / time There are also some formulae involving acceleration; for example, in the case of constant acceleration: velocity = initial velocity + acceleration x time If the acceleration is not constant, an integral is used instead.

Can an object have a constant speed and a varying velocity?

Yes. Velocity is a quantity that has both magnitude and direction. Speed is the magnitude of velocity. If speed is constant but the direction is changing, then the velocity is changing. An example is a car turning a corner without slowing down.

How do you find final velocity when you have constant acceleration constant velocity and time?

If you have constant acceleration, then you can't have constant velocity. (Unless the acceleration is constantly zero.)Final velocity = [initial velocity] + [ (acceleration) x (time) ]

What is your acceleration if you have a constant velocity?

If your velocity is constant, then your acceleration is zero.

Can an object have constant velocity and but variable speed?

No. Velocity has two parts, speed and direction A constant velocity means that both the speed and the direction must be constant. So a constant velocity must have a constant speed.

When can you have no acceleration?

To make acceleration equal zero. The velocity must be constant. For example, if velocity is constant at 10 m/s^2 its acceleration is zero. The same is true if velocity is 0 m/s^2.

When an object moves with constant velocity does its average velocity during a time interval differ from its instantaneous velocity at any instant?

No. If it its moving at constant velocity, its instantaneous velocity would be the same as its constant velocity.

Why areal velocity is constant in central force?

If the force is constant then this will make the velocity of the object spinning constant as well, and for the velocity to be constant all the forces must be balanced and therefore constant

Why when velocity is constant but acceleration is not constant?

That can't happen. If there is any acceleration at all, then velocity is not constant.

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