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Normal cobras feed on rats, mice and other rodents. King cobras feed on snakes including cobras.

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Indian cobras can be found in Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, pakistan, Bangladash, Burma and Bhutan

Yes, the cobras of all kind are endangered including the Indian Cobra. As dangerous as the Indian Cobra seems to be they are still the snake of choice for snake charmers. Answer 2. No, Indian cobras are not endangered, nor are most cobra species. The king cobra is considered vulnerable, however.

i think bigger snake eat the Indian cobra

small mammals reptiles, and amphibians

They eat rodents, lizards and frogs.

Indian Cobras live in cultivated areas and in the wild forests. :D

The Indian cobra is a fairly common species, occurring in several subspecies.

Cobras are part of a mongoose's normal diet.

Yes. A popular documentary shown on Indian TV has shown king cobras swimming very easily.

Their diet is little animals and birds. The can eats other snakes but they do it very little times.

The primary diet of king cobras is other snakes. King cobras commonly eat both venomous and non-venomous snakes. They also occasionally eat birds, lizards, and rodents.

Of course! India has many cobras but the most popular and well known is easily the Indian Spectacled Cobra (Naja naja)

Egyptian cobras have a varied diet. The snakes eat small animals such as rabbits, eggs, birds, frogs, and also other snakes.

it eats king cobras and other small animals

The King Cobra's main diet is other snakes including other King Cobras but they will also take rodents, small lizards and other small animals.

King cobras often kill and eat spectacled cobras (also known as Indian cobras), so I will say the king cobra wins. See

there are Indian cobras and asian cobra and water snakes there is also posionies spiders

The king corbra is very close to indian cobra spitting cobra and the egyptain cobra

The same diet you have, or at least close to the same.

No, Cobras Are Reptiles.

Cobras are native in Africa.

No. There are no Cobras in Australia.

Yes, cobras have scales.

What is Cobras skin like

the king cobra does symbolize a gang sign it symbolizes for the mickey cobras king cobras black king cobras spanish cobras young latin org cobras

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