What is an International Bacchalaureate Diploma?

The International Bacchalaureate Diploma is a high school level degree program monitored by the United Nations. The awarding of the diploma requires a number of advanced classes and additional requirements. The Diploma is recognized world wide as a standard of education that is consistant globally. Those students interested in going to college in other countries should seriously look at this education track. Students that complete the required courses take IB exams, often graded by educators in other countries. Many colleges will evaluate the results of the IB exams as AP type courses and waive classes or even grant credit. There are some students that earn enough credits through the IB to 'skip' their freshman year of college. In addition to the courses (including 4 years of a language) the students are required to participate in Enrichment activities, provide hours of service in the community and write an extended essay. Studies have shown a direct correlation between a student that prepares and takes the AP and IB exams and their success rate in college. The grade success is less important then the actual preparation and taking of the exam. U.S. News and World Reports annually ranks the best high schools in the US based on this criteria.