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I've worked at a LA Fitness in PA about a year ago and from what I've heard its around $110K w/bonuses. Not too shabby o.O!!!

as a gm you get full benefits dental and health you get a 2000 a month salery all the commissions you write and the biggest perk of the job your eft bonus. Depending on your clubs eft goal a gms salery will vary, I would say for example the highest paid gm makes about 140k a year but on the lower end theres gms who only make 70k so the norm is around 95k.

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What does a weekend manager make at la fitness?


La fitness federal tax id number?

La fitness int'l

How do you pronounce la fitness?

L A fitness

What does the LA in LA fitness club name stand for?

Los Angeles Fitness Club

How much do LA fitness General Managers make?

It depends how much the club they are at makes a month, For example The club in downey CA makes approx 500000 each month, So the general manager gets a % of that, The general manager in downey makes approx 10,000 a month, Now if your in a smaller club like the one in santa fe springs ca, That club only makes around 198,000 a month, So the general manager there is only making approx 5500 amonth, Bottom line is they all have different salarys because it depends on the club they are at.

What does la stand for in la fitness club?

"La" is Spanish for "the."

What is the minimum age requirement for LA fitness in Phoenix?

The minimum age required for LA fitness is 16years old

How much do fitness staff make at LA fitness?

10.25 an hour

How much is LA fitness?


If your a member at LA fitness can you go to any LA fitness?

Yes, you can go to any LA Fitness facility, as long as you have a multi-club membership. If you have a single-club membership, you may only use the facility that you signed up at.

Is the a bally total fitness in Macon Georgia?

All bally fitness in georgia are now la fitness,ther was never a macon club.all the georgia clubs are closed,you can go to any la fitness center and have your bally card switched.

Is LA Fitness buying Bally's Total Fitness?

Yes ... Everything will take place dec 1st ... No news yet on whether Bally total fitness will remain under the same name or changing name officially to LA fitness

Does LA Fitness have a rapid weight loss system?

Yes, LA Fitness offers multiple weight loss systems, such as the LA Rapid Results Diet System.

Who is CEO of LA Fitness?

Luis Welsh

Is la fitness buying out bally's total fitness?

Yes, it will be finalized on December 1, 2011.

What are the payment options for LA Fitness Club?

LA FItness accepts cash, check, or credit card payments. They also offer montly payment plans.

How old do you have to be to have a membership at LA fitness?

12 dumbasses

What is the pool length at LA Fitness?

25 meters

How old do you have to be to enter la fitness?

you have to be 14 to enter =]

What is the best LA Fitness membership price plan?

Type your answer here... I has membership with la fitness now I want to singn contract one year how much I cost

How much does LA fitness cost?

LA Fitness is a membership-only gym. The price to join is around $100 and you must pay a monthly fee every month.

Who is the manager of the LA dodgers?

Don Mattingly is the current manager of the Dodgers.

Is LA Fitness open 24 hours?

LA fitness is open 24 hours. It offers many fitness programs that you can go in and workout. The hours are very flexible to everyone who is willing to workout in the early mornings or late nights.

Are there any nice la gyms in florida?

Yes there are. There are LA Fitness gyms all over this nation(United States of America). There are even a couple in Canada. In Florida, they probably have about 20 La Fitness gyms.

What actors and actresses appeared in Real Fitness LA - 2011?

The cast of Real Fitness LA - 2011 includes: Jimmy Chhiu as Lazzer Maagic Collins as Clyde