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Q: What is an S-bacteriais it photosynthetic?
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Amoeba photosynthetic or not?

not photosynthetic

Are Plants the only photosynthetic organisms?

No, there are some photosynthetic protists and some photosynthetic bacteria.

What does The rise of photosynthetic organisms do?

the rise of photosynthetic

Is Kelp Photosynthetic or heterotrophic?

Marine kelp is photosynthetic

Are there photosynthetic pigments in radicchio?

No, there are no photosynthetic pigments in Radicchio.

Is Nostoc photosynthetic?

Nostoc is a BGA (cyanobacteria) and is photosynthetic.

Is chlamydomonas photosynthetic or heterotrophic?

It is photosynthetic due to chlorophyll .

What are the products of the photosynthetic reactions?

What are the products of the photosynthetic reactions?

What are specialized photosynthetic organelles?

Photosynthetic organelles are chloroplasts.

Photosynthetic organisms are usually?


Is paramecia photosynthetic?

No, paramecia are not photosynthetic. Photosynthetic organisms react when exposed to light. Paramecia cannot detect light.

If a bacterium is photosynthetic is it a decomposer?

If a bacterium is photosynthetic it is a producer and not a decomposer.

What is the photosynthetic organ?

The photosynthetic organ of many plants is the leaf, or leaves.

What is chloro phyll a?

It is the basic photosynthetic pigment.It is in every photosynthetic organism.

Are photosynthetic pigments and accessory pigments the same?

Photosynthetic pigments yes

Is an euglena photosynthetic?

it is mostly photosynthetic... when it's in the light.... but when in the dark it is heterotrophic.

What are Non-photosynthetic bacteria?

Any bacteria, there are no photosynthetic bacteria.

Which photosynthetic protists live inside of coral?

The photosynthetic protists that lives inside the tissue of the coral polyp is zooxanthellae. Zooxanthellae is a photosynthetic algae.

What are examples of photosynthetic organisms?

All green plants having photosynthetic apparatus such as grass, gram and groundnut etc. are example of photosynthetic organisms.

Do plant cells carry out photosynthesis?

yesOf course plant cells are photosynthetic. But not all are photosynthetic,only light touching cells are photosynthetic

What do photosynthetic organisms have in common?

All photosynthetic organisms create energy from sunlight.

What is the main photosynthetic area of a plant?

the main photosynthetic area of a plant is the leaves

Are protist photosynthesis?

Not every protist is photosynthetic. Algae and few others are photosynthetic

What are some examples of photosynthetic autotrophs?

Photosynthetic BacteriaAlgaeGreen Plants

What is the primary photosynthetic organ of a plant?

The primary photosynthetic organ of a plant is the leaf.