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What is an academic strength?


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An academic strength is a strength that is in terms of academics.


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Means what you are good at

The motto of University of Cincinnati Academic Health Center is 'Strength in Unity'.

Tom is good in academics. Richard was good academician. One could perform well in his job through academic strength.

An example of an academic strength is the ability to be better at one subject than another. A person might be inclined to have strong math skills but does not understand the concept of literature.

Plainwell High School's motto is 'Preparing students for success through academic excellence and strength of character'.

the academic goal is the academic what do you want to do

When You are in academy your activity evaluate as academic performance & when you are not in academy your activity in non academic performance.

I think academic blog is a blog that focuses on academic topics.

what is your weakest academic

Bill Gates went to Harvard University in the Eastern US. He went for about a year, the exact time is unclear. He dropped out and started living in Washington.

Academic area means subject, or the area of interest to an academic professional.

Academic means relating to a school, especially of higher learning. Here are some sentences.Her academic records are impressive.He is an academic.Their academic averages should be posted online by now.

Yes, the word academic is an adjective (an academic question, the academic year) and a noun, a word for someone who teaches or does research at a college or university; an academician.

"Yes academic question. Diploma question academic answers true."

As a adjective for example 'an academic question' As a noun for example ' he was by temperament an academic' But not a verb

A kind of report that has to do with academic research.

how is academic achievent measured

Academic genres are stories set in an academic enviorment, it could be a book, movie or play. An example of an academic genre could be The History Boys. :) Hope this helps.

922 From Academic Watch to Academic WOW - 2013 was released on: USA: 1 March 2013

Academically is the adverb form of academic, the adjective.

"Academic" is the correct spelling.

Yes it can be taken as an academic subject.

The discussion is purely academic.

I'm not sure what you mean by, "after an academic degree." A bachelor's degree is an academic degree.

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