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Q: What is an accumulation of electric charge of an insulated body?
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Does the human body has excess electric charge?

yes and no lmfao

What is function of electroscope?

In detecting the presence of electric charge on a body.

What is the function of electroscope?

In detecting the presence of electric charge on a body.

Can you charge your body cells?

If the cells of the body are metaphorically compared to rechargeable electric batteries, then what you do to charge them is to eat food; they run on nutrients.

What is meant by electric field between the plates?

ELECTRIC FIELD The electric of a charge is the region of space surrounding in which a point charge can experience its influence in the form of a force The regon around any charged body in which coloumb's force is experienced by some other charged body is called "electric field" of the first body.

Why does a bare electricity wire with current flowing though it give an electric shock and what happens if the body wet?

Electric current flows on the outside of the wire, not inside the wire. An insulated wire covers that surface where the current is flowing so that you are not touching the wire which actually carries the charge. The body has a pretty large eletrical resistance. If wet, the salts from sweating, form a more conductive surface.

Does your body have electric charge?

yes your body is both negatively charged and positively charged on the extracellular surface

Why are electric tools coated with insulating materials?

electrician tools must be insulated so that they dont get electrocuted

Why do electricians use gloves and rubber shoes?

electricity cant pass through rubber, so if one aprt of your body is insulated against it, the chances of electric shock are small

How is electric charges produced?

An electric charge is produced when a body has deficiency or excess of electrons from the normal due share.

What is a eletroscope?

An electroscope is an early scientific instrument. It is used to detect and measure electricity or an electric charge on a body.

Is it possible to transfer all the charge from a conductor to another insulated conductor?

well it is not possible to transfer all charge all charge from one body to another coz this process between two bodies stops when their potential difference becomes same n thus all charge does not gets transferred.