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An 'activist judge' is a judge whose personal opinions and passions cause them to make rulings in favour of their own personal opinion as opposed to the rules of law.

However, generally judges, who are called 'activist judges,' are really judges who have made a decision that a politician in power disagrees with vehemently.

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A judicial activist is a judge who holds?

A judicial activist is a judge who holds strong opinions that influence their rulings. These judges can also attract certain plaintiffs based on their views.

What the accusation of being an activist judge means?

It means they corrupt their viewpoints and decisions with political bias.

Was Rand Schrader a judge?

Yes. Rand Schrader (May 11, 1945 - June 13, 1993) was an AIDS and gay rights activist who also served as a judge of the Los Angeles Municipal Court.

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Activist is a noun.

What is an antonym for activist?

A pacifist is the opposite of an activist.

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He was a peace activist.

What is the difference between activist and non-activist justices?

activist justices are passionite and volunteered non-activist justices are forced against one's will

When does congress require that three-judge panels hear certain cases?

In 1910, the requirement of a three judge panel was implemented to nullify the power of an activist sole judge when it comes to reviewing state laws that are being reviewed as possibly unconstitutional. It is, though not stated as such, another form of checks and balances.

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An Animal rights activist does the job of an Animal Rights Activist. They are also actively involved in animal rights. That is why they have the name Amimal Rights Activist.

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Why is judicial involvement in policy issues controversial?

2. Judicial involvement in policy issues so controversial because each judge interprets the constitution in different way and sometimes they can do it for public benefit. They can choose to be judge base on judicial restraint or judicial activist.

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Mahatma Gandhi said "You can judge a society by how they treat their weakest members." It is a very popular animal rights activist quote and is also used to advocate for under-represented populations such as foster children, the elderly, individuals with disabilities and the homeless.

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