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Birds do not have hands or paws on their wings. Contour feathers along the wing are called flight feathers, and are specialized for lifting and gliding. Feathers are a strong and adjustable surface for pushing against air.

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Q: What is an adaptation of feathers to meet its function?
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Which adaptation is unique to birds?


Is puffing up feathers a structural or behavioral adaptation?

behavioural adaptation as puffing up feathers id due to the cold air of surroundings

What adaptation does a male peacock have?

The male peackocks have the adaptation of large feathers. They use such big feathers to atract peahens (female peacocks).

What adaptation helps birds survive?

an adaptation that can help a bird survive is its beak .

An adaptation for the peafowl?

the large "eyes" in the feathers scare preditors

How are structure and function related to adaptation?

Both structure and function are related to adaptation because they both may change to help an organism survive.

What adaptations meet the need for water?

The adaptation is knowledge for a living thing just like juice

Is feathers an adaptation related to flight in birds?

The birds feathers are used for, insulation , this is for when they fly and when thier on the ground, it also helps pretect the skin, from getting damaged.

What is the function and adaptation of elodea cells?


What is a sycamores adaptation?

the light and small feathers helps the sycamore seed to disperse from its parent plant..

What is sycamore adaptation?

the light and small feathers helps the sycamore seed to disperse from its parent plant..

Why are feathers lightweight what adaptation made it so?

A feather is a unique adaptation. Only birds have feathers. A feather's lightweight, durable structure is made mostly of keratins. Keratins are long-lasting, strong, and resistant to attack by enzymes or fungi, making them excellent building blocks for feathers. FEATHER FACTS: The combined weight of all the feathers on a bird is twice or three times the weight of the bird's skeleton.