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opportunist, compromising

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Q: What is an adjective for someone who always gives up?
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What is an adjective for someone who stands up for themselves?

Shy, meek,

What is it called when someone gives up their thrown?


Is Hot a verb or adjective?

"Hot" can function as both a verb and an adjective. As a verb, it can describe the act of heating something up. As an adjective, it describes something that has a high temperature or gives off heat.

What do you call someone who gives up?

Relentless, persistent, unstoppable.

How to breakup with someone you always see and not make it weird?

Breaking up with someone you always see is never easy. Honesty is the best form of communication if you want to break up with someone and it not be weird.

What do you call people who renounce a belief?

hipicrit, but when someone gives gives up a religion it is called aposticy

How do you say one who gives up in Portuguese?

In Portuguese, you would say "desistente" to refer to someone who gives up.

Is bloody a verb?

It is more of an adjective but you can say it like this as a verb: "I gotta go bloody someone up"

Why is lebron considered a athlete?

He never gives up and he always trys his best

What is it called when someone gives up their citizenship?

Voluntary termination of parental rights.

Is correct Italian 'bella ragazza' or 'ragazza bella'?

It is ragazza Bella. In Italian, the adjective always comes before the noun. There are a few exceptions, but those are just confusing and generally don't matter. It means beautiful girl. Well, if the adjective comes before the noun, it would be Bella ragazza...someone messed up

What is the meaning of the proverb'quitter never wins and winner never quits'?

It means that someone that gives up on something will never achieve their goal. But if someone tries and tries and never gives up no matter how hard something is they will achieve their goal.