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What is an adjective for thin?

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Thin is an adjective.

If you need a synonym for thin, you can use skinny, svelte, slender, willowy, slight; or narrow, depending on the usage.

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Is thin an adverb?

No. Thin is an adjective. Thinly is an adverb

What part of speech is thin?


What is the abstract noun for thin?

The abstract noun form for the adjective thin is thinness.

What is a six letter adjective for thin?


Is thin a noun?

The word thin is an adjective, a verb, and an adverb, not a noun. The noun form is thinness.

What is an adjective for thin that ends with h?

Waifish is an adjective ending in H that means thin. For instance, "Her waifish build made her appear much younger than her 16 years."

How do you spell skinny?

That is the correct spelling of the adjective "skinny" (thin, or narrow).

Is skinny an adverb?

No, it is not. It is an adjective meaning thin (people) or narrow (things).

What type of word is thinner?

The word thinner is the comparative form of the adjective thin.Positive: thinComparative: thinnerSuperlative: thinnest

Is the french word Maigre an adjective?

Maigre is an adjective meaning thin or lean. It is written the same in both masculine and feminine forms.

What part of speech is sheer?

The word sheer is an adjective. It means to be thin or transparent.

Is thin an adjective?

Yes. It can mean narrow or slender, generally the opposite of thick.

What rhymes with Krispy?

wispy - it is an adjective meaning thin and weak or meaning lacking clarity.

What is an adjective that describes someone of less than average weight?

thin, slim, bony

What is the positive degree of comparison of an adjective?

The positive degree of comparison of an adjective is the form that simply states whatever the adjective is. No comparison with anything else is involved: 'Peter was happy.' 'The grass is green.' 'My aunt is thin.'

Is filament an adjective?

No, it is not. Filament is a noun meaning 1) a thin stalk in plant reproductive organs, or 2) a thin wire as is found in incandescent light bulbs.

What part of the speech is the word lanky?

The word lanky (meaning ungracefully thin and tall) is an adjective.

What is an adjective for thin 6 letters long?

One choice is skinny. Another would be svelte.

Can the adjective 'paper thin' used to describe a person or is it only for objects?

Sure- "That girl is so skinny that she's, like, paper thin!"Or'Stick thin' might be better to describe a person- "That girl is so skinny that she's, like, stick thin!"

What part of speech is slender?

The word slender is an adjective. It describes something that is thin.

What are narrow adjectives?

Some synonyms for narrow (since narrow is an adjective):confinedtightthinrestrictedslendertapered

Is the word looked a verb or noun or adjective?

the word looked is a verb. it is the act of doing something. a noun is a person place or thing. an adjective is a word to describe something, like thin,fat,ugly,pretty.

What does ductility mean?

It refers to the ability (typically of a metal) to be drawn or pulled into a wire (thin cohesive strand).The related adjective is ductile.

Is biscuit a common noun?

If you are referring to a dry, possibly hard, thin baked cake it is a noun. It can be an adjective as in 'having a biscuit colour'

What does the Spanish word delgado mean if a object is a person?

The word DELGADO means thin, slim, slight, flimsy or slenderly built by referring to a person. ESA PERSONA ES DELGADA means that person is thin. DELGADO is the adjective for thin (with masculine nouns) in Spanish. DELGADA is for feminine nouns.

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