What is an algae's adaptation?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Q: What is an algae's adaptation?
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What family does the Oscillatoria belong to?

The Obama family.

What is the most common plant in Antarctica?

Algaes and mosses

What kind of plants live in salt water were starfish live?

seeing as starfish live in most, if not all levels of the sea, any plant you can think of as being a marine plant lives where starfish live. Examples: phytoplankton, red algaes, green algaes, brown algaes, sea grasses.

What is algaes main predator?

Yeah, it kills hawks

What are 5 producers in the arctic?

The Producers, in the biological sense, are large multicellular brown algaes (like kelp), and unicellular algaes that form the phytoplankton. Thses unicellular algaies are members of one of several algal groups. One example would be the Chrysophyta, the Golden Algaes. Pretty much all plants are producers.

What are two plants in the ocean?

kelp/seaweed, seagrass, and various algaes

Where do blowfish get their food from?

they eat other smaller fish and some algaes

What is algaes micro-habitat?

a micro habitat is a habitat for extremely small creatures such as woodlice.

Do plants grow in the North Pole?

Categorically no, as there is no land; although flora, in the form of certain algaes, does.

What is laverbred made from?

it's a traditional welsh dish made with red algaes; they serve it to a bacon

Is algae involved in the eukaryotic group that contain microorganisms?

Algae have eukariyotic cells.There are micro and macro algaes.

What is an example of sensory adaptation?

Dark Adaptation Light Adaptation Hearing Adaptation Touch Adaptation Smell Adaptation