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What is an algebra expression?

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Al algebraic expression is a collection of terms which may be related by other mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, exponentiation and so on. It is often to be found on one side of an equation or formula.

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What is 3xbx4 in algebra?

The given expression in algebra can be simplified to 12b

What is Abelian algebra?

Abelian algebra is a form of algebra in which the multiplication within an expression is commutative.

What is algebra expression?

It is an expression of algebraic terms with no equality sign

What is algebra expressions?

An expression with a variable.

What is the meaning of term in algebra?

A term is a single part of an expression or of an equation in algebra.

How do you use the word numeric expression in a sentence?

The algebra teacher was looking for a numeric expressionfor an answer

How to identify a term in algebra 2?

A term in algebra is a single part of an expression or of an equation separated by mathematical signs.

What is the meaning of the algebra term expression?

An expression is made up of numbers and variables joined by mathematical operations.

What is rational algebra expression?

Basically, a rational expression is one that can be written as one polynomial, divided by another polynomial.

Is 5x an algebraic expression?

yes, 5x is a expression. A expression in algebra does not contain a = sign. a = sign means its an equation. A algebraic equation is built out of expressions.

What are Boolean algebra rules?

need help to simplify boolean expression

What is 5n plus 4?

It is an algebra expression meaning: 5n+4

What does the word product mean in an algebra expression?

It means the result of a multiplication.

What is the variable in 3x2y in algebra?

They are: x and y and the expression can be simplified to 6xy

What is the meaning of algebra expressions?

An algebra expression is 2 or more terms which does not contain an equality sign as for example 2x+y-3z

The quotient of n and 8 algebreic expression?

The quotient n times 8 is an algebra expression. The answer to this math problem is 1.

Can you give me an examples of an algebra expression?

ang ganda ganda ko..............................grabe

What is 4a plus 12 in algebra?

It is an expression of two terms as: 4a+12

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