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MitochondriaThe Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell. It generates energy to make things happen. PowerhouseIt is known as the "Powerhouse" of a cell.

The mitochondria is the organelle of the cell that breaks down food molecules to make ATP.

It basically gives the cell energy.

One analogy I think of is mitochondria are to glucose and oxygen as solar panels are to sunlight. Both utilize the energy in other sources to produce a type of energy we can use.

You can also represents mitochondria with an electrical supply of a company or fuel feeding a boiler.

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What is an analogy for mitochondrial DNA?

Mitochondria are the powerhouses of the cell. An analogy of mitochondria could be a battery.

What is a school analogy for mitochondria?

a mitochondria is like a cow humping a camel

What is a good analogy for the cells mitochondria?

If cell is a factory, mitochondria is its powerhouse

What is a good mitochondria analogy?


What is an analogy for powerhouse?

An analogy for the mitochondria is a powerhouse. It is considered to be the powerhouse of a cell. Mitochondria to glucose and oxygen is like sunlight to solar panels.

What is a cell analogy to an power station?

The mitochondria.

What is the mitochondria in a city analogy?

grocery stores

What us an analogy mitochondria?

An Analogy Mitochondria has 2 parts 1 of them is called face & the other part is called head from the sea so yeahh bitchess

What is a good analogy for mitochondria?

The Power-plant in a town.

What is a cell city analogy for Mitochondria?

a hydraulic dam

What is a cell city analogy for a mitochondria?

hydraulic dam

What is an analogy for mitochondria in school?

The school's heating plant.

What is an analogy for the mitochondrian?

to be more precise, an analogy, well not really, but for mitochondria, you can think of a wrestler.. wanna know why? well mitochondria sounds like mighty and if you research a mitochondria, youll see it does something important and it mighty sort of.. if you know what i mean.when you think of mitochondria, think of mighty.

What is an analogy for mitochondria in a house?

fusebox of the house which is located in the basement

Analogy for mitochondria?

A power plant which gives energy to the community.

What is the mitochondria for city cell analogy?

to generate the cell supply

What would be a good analogy for a mitochondria as a beehive?

either pollen or honey

What is an analogy for the mitochondria?

You can compare it to a powerhouse because it is known as the powerhouse of the cell.

What is something like a mitochondria?

The common macroscopic analogy is "a power plant"

What is an analogy of a mitochondria to a mall?

solar panels because mitochondria are considered the "power house" of a cell, and they both create energy.

What is a analogy for the mitochondria?

mitochondria are the energy making organisms in a cell. they are what convert the glucose into energy that the cell can use to function. I think that mitochondria can be compared to the electrical supply that powers a company.

What is mitochondria function and analogy?

i have no idea but look at the text book all the answers you need are there

What is an analogy for a mitochondria?

The mitochondria is responsible for supplying the cell with all of its energy. It makes the energy storing mollecule ATP (adenosine tri-phosphate) along with a few other ones, (NADPH FADH FADH2). Im assuming that the analogy you are looking for is that of compairing a cell to a city, in which case, the mitochondria would be like a powerplant.

Analogy for mitochondrion?

A mitochondria is like a change machine because it converts glucose into ATP like a change machine converts dollars into coins. Not the best analogy, but it's true!

Chromosomes cell analogy to human body?

chromosomes contain mitochondria, which acts just like a battery.

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