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dread - root canal as eagerly anticipate - winning the lottery

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How do you say dread in spanish?

miedo (mee-AYdaw) = dread (noun) temer (tayMAIR) = to dread (verb)

What part of speech for the word dread?

Dread can be: a verb -- I dread swimming in the ocean a noun -- Dread spread over the boys when they saw the police arrive. an adjective -- dread diseases. Probably the adjective dreaded is more commonly used.

What is the analogy for ship?

analogy for a ship is analogy for a ship so its an analogy

Another word for dread?

Another word for dread is regret.

How many syllables in dread?

The word DREAD has one syllable

When did Massive Dread die?

Massive Dread died in 1994.

What is the past participle of dread?

Dreaded is the past participle of dread.

When did Ranking Dread die?

Ranking Dread died in 1996.

When was Ranking Dread born?

Ranking Dread was born in 1955.

When was Dreadlocks Dread created?

Dreadlocks Dread was created in 1975.

When was Adam Dread born?

Adam Dread was born in 1963.

Start a sentence off with you dread?

"You dread nought but the Dreadnought?", demanded the Captain.You dread all that goes bump in the night.

How do you use the word dread in a sentence?

I dread going to work today, because I know the work that is waiting for me. He was filled with dread at the thought of another night in the jungle. He had a dread that she was going to kiss him.

A sentence using the word dread?

The little girl was full of dread

Does Willow Smith have dread locks?

No Willow Doesnt Have Dread Locks

What is the duration of Club Dread?

The duration of Club Dread is 1.72 hours.

What is the duration of Dread film?

The duration of Dread - film - is 1.8 hours.

How many pages does Dread Dominion have?

Dread Dominion has 272 pages.

How many pages does Dread Mountain have?

Dread Mountain has 128 pages.

How do you use dread in a sentence?

i dread going to work in the morning i dread having to pay this bill that movie was just dreadful (horrible and bad)

A sentence with the word dread?

Just beyond our sight lies a dread warrior, in wait for our advance.Some people just dread homework.

How do you put dread in a sentence?

For dread: My heart was filled with dread for this day. For dreaded: Each year, this day was dreaded by every person in this county.

What is sentence for the word dread?

As a verb --- They always dread doing tax forms. As a noun --- She was filled with dread when her aging mother didn't answer the phone.

When was Judge Dread born?

Judge Dread was born on May 2, 1945.

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