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A zoologist is a specialist who focuses their studies and research on animals. They focus on the Biology of animals.

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What is a animal scientist?

An "animal scientist" is called Zoologist .

What is a famous animal scientist?

A famous animal scientist is someone who studies animal behavior in their environment.

What is a scientist that studies animal life called?

A scientist that studies animal life is a Zoologist.

What type of scientist studies animal life?

The type of scientist that studies animal life is a zoologist

How much is the salary of a animal scientist?

According to the BLS the median earning for an average animal scientist is about $49,920.

What are 20 careers in agriculture?

Agricultural engineers irrigation engineers biotechnologist veterinary scientist food engineers viticulturists soil physicists animal scientist agriculture technicians entomologists farmer rancher forage research scientist animal scientist crop researcher fertilizer researcher/developer veterinarian food-animal behaviour scientist large animal veterinarian veterinarian assistant forage scientist forage analysist agri-business

What do you call an animal scientist?

An animal scientist is sometimes called a zoologist, and an animal doctor is a vet!A scientisit who studies animals is called a zoologist, and the study of animals is zoology.

What type of scientist studies the platypus?

A scientist who studies animal life is a zoologist. There is no particular name for a scientist that specialises in platypuses.

What is a person called who studies animal?


What was the goal of the first scientist?

to clone an animal

Where does the animal scientist work?

i do not know idiot

Who are the animal scientist classify the animals?

animal classifiers classify animals... its their job

What is the name for animal scientist?

A name for an animal scientist in the branch of biology is a zoologist.Zoologist: a specialist in the branch of biology dealing with animals.Hope this helped!

What is the scientist that studies dinosaurs?

A scientist who studies dinosaurs or any other fossil animal is a paleontologist.

Why did scientist make animal groups?

To study the individual characteristic of an animal in an organised manner:)

Who is a famous scientist who studies animal intelligence?


What do you call a scientist that studies animal life?

a biologist

How do scientist classify a camel as a animal?

it is a noninert heterotroph

Why is Temple Grandin famous?

She is an autistic animal scientist

Which two levels of animal classification do scientist use the most?

scientist use the most is species and family

What is the scientist that studies plant and animal life?

A scientist who studies strictly plants is a botanist. A scientist who studies only animals is a zoologist. A scientist who studies organic life in general is a biologist.

What is a scientist called when they study animal life?

The prefix for "animal" is "zoo-" so they are called zoologists.

Who is a famous animal scientist?

Animal scientist are people who study animal behavior to make their environments more humaine. Check out It has really go info and it the shitz.

What is an animal biologist?

An animal biologist is a scientist who studies animals. also called zoologist, these scientist go around the world, studying animals all different shapes and sizes.

How does a scientist determine if a behavior is an instinct or is learned?

Scientist know that the animal is instinct or not is because the animals know how to do it when they are born.

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