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a pen

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An antonym for amnesty is punishment or penalty.

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Q: What is an antonym for amnesty?
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What is the antonym of the following terms-amnesty-pardon-remission-moratorium-arrest?


How can you apply for amnesty?

Obamas amnesty

Amnesty in a sentence?

The jury granted amnesty to the convict. -A

When was Amnesty the game created?

Amnesty the game was created in 2011.

When was Plant Amnesty created?

Plant Amnesty was created in 1987.

When was Amnesty - film - created?

Amnesty - film - was created in 2011.

When did Amnesty the game happen?

Amnesty the game happened in 2011.

Who grants Amnesty?

Throughout the world, amnesty is handled differently by different countries. In the United States, Congress or the president can grant amnesty.

What is the duration of Amnesty film?

The duration of Amnesty - film - is 1.38 hours.

What is blanket amnesty?

across the board specific or targeted group

What does a group pardon mean?

Such a pardon is usually called an amnesty.

Sentence with the word amnesty?

Amnesty is a way for past criminals to be forgiven.