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problem, drain, encumbrance, affliction, liability, weight, worry, tax, inconvenience, millstone, responsibility, duty, onus, obligation

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How do you put 'imposition' in a sentence?

"Are you sure dinner at your place is all right? We'd not wish to be an imposition."

Use the word imposition in a sentence?

I can give you several sentences.It's an imposition for you to ask me to work overtime again.Would it be an imposition if I spoke to you for a minute, Boss?I don't want to be an imposition.

Use imposition in a sentence?

It could be an imposition to have to take the dog out in the rain

How do you use imposition in a sentence?

For some criminals the imposition of obedience to laws is an inconvenience .

What is the difference between imposition and disposition?

An imposition is something that is a burden. A disposition is your outlook on a certain subject.

What is culture imposition?

Culture imposition is the act of forcing your beliefs, behaviors and values on someone else. Many religions and some countries have been and continue to guilty of culture imposition.

What are synonym's for assertiveness?


What is the meaning of deferred imposition of sentence?

It means that the imposition of your sentence was postponed by the judge - probably due to the fact that there are factors delaying it.

Can your employer find out that you had a suspended imposition of sentence?

Probably, because the record of your arrest will exist, accompanied by the disposition of your suspended imposition.

What has the author Frederick James Trezie written?

Frederick James Trezie has written: 'Imposition' -- subject(s): Imposition (Printing)

What is the antonym of synonym?

The antonym for synonym is antonym. Antonym is the word that is opposite of synonym.Antonym IS the antonym of synonym

What if a 14 year old gets charged with gross sexual imposition?

Gross Sexual Imposition by a minor can be challenged in the juvenile courts

How long does a suspended imposition take to come off your record?

A suspended imposition IS a sentence. It means you were found guilty of whatever it is you were charged with but the judge suspended imposition of the penalty. It is now part of your criminal history and doesn't "go away."

Does a DUI appear on your driving record if you are granted a suspended imposition?

Yes it still shows up, just not as a guilty charge but as a suspended imposition.

What has the author George H Bidwell written?

George H. Bidwell has written: 'Treatise on the imposition of forms' -- subject(s): Imposition (Printing)

Does the word antonym have an antonym?

Synonym is the antonym of antonym.

What is the antonym of allegory?

the antonym of allegory is no antonym

Examples of antonym?

Up is the antonym of down. Left is the antonym of right. Go is the antonym of come. Forward is the antonym of backward.

What is antonym for synonym?

An antonym means "opposite". So an antonym for the word synonym is antonym.

What is an antonym for 'from'?

The antonym for from is to. Because antonym means opposite.

What is an antonym of interdependence?

What is the antonym of interdependence. What is the antonym of interdependence.

What is an antonym for veranda?

what is an antonym for veranda?what is an antonym for veranda?

What is antonym of the word synonym?

The antonym of the word 'synonym' is 'antonym'.

What is the antonym for when?

now ____________ The word when does not have an antonym. Not every word has an antonym.

What other word for Imposition of order of discipline?