What is an antonym for ruse?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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Q: What is an antonym for ruse?
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What is an antonym of hoax?

Antonym of Hoax is REALITYTo be honest.Not to cheat and fool.Not to Befuddle.Yes. It would be truth.

What is the antonym of gambit?

Gambit is a word that means artifice, design, device, gimmick, jig, maneuver, play, ploy, ruse, or trick. Some antonyms of the word gambit include frankness and honesty.

How do you use the word ruse in a word?

I was the victim of a complicated ruse.

How many people live in Ruse?

Ruse, Bulgaria: about 150,000

When was Henrik Ruse born?

Henrik Ruse was born in 1624.

When did Henrik Ruse die?

Henrik Ruse died in 1679.

When was The Scarlet Ruse created?

The Scarlet Ruse was created in 1972.

What is the population of Ruse Municipality?

Ruse Municipality's population is 175,210.

What is Ruse Province's population?

The population of Ruse Province is 235,252.

When was University of Ruse created?

University of Ruse was created in 1945.

Word for 'trick' that rhymes with clues?

Try "ruse"...

What part of speech is the word ruse?

Noun. A 'ruse' is a joke or trick.