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Shoes because you don't wear them on your neck

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Q: What is an antonym for scarf as in neck wear?
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Related questions

How do you wear a scarf?

You put it around your neck.

What do you wear around your neck?

A necklace or a scarf.

What do you wear around your neck in the winter?

a scarf

How easy is it to wear a scarf?

It is very easy for a person to wear a scarf. Most people like to just hang a scarf over their neck. Other people like to hang the scarf on their neck, then toss one end over the opposite shoulder.

What might someone be required to wear around their neck?

A tie,scarf

Name something a tourist might wear around there neck?

a scarf

What did Galileo wear?

Galileo would wear a black robe with I with scarf thing around his neck

Something a tourists would wear over their neck?

A tourist could wear a scarf, necklace, camera, and some tourists wear their jackets over their neck.

What did Clint eastwood wear around his neck in the good the bad and the ugly?


What is the antonym for mufflers?


What Name of the long scarf like vestment the priest wear around his neck?

A Stole.

What are some things tourist might wear around their neck?

necklace, ID, scarf

What type of sweater do you wear with a scarf?

a thin v neck or thick with a wide collar

Something a tourist might wear around the neck?

A tourist can wear a lot of things, e.g. scarf, camera(s) phone with a tag attached that you can wear it onto your neck.

What do you cal the thing that goes round your neck?

A necklace usually, though its also possible to wear a scarf around your neck.

What outfit do you wear a scarf with?

It depends were the scarf goes,if you decide to wear it on your head then a good floral dress will do,if on your neck a good stone wash pair of jeans and fabulous heels will do.

Why does Marty stuart wear the scarf around is neck all the time?

The scarf covers up a rather ugly tattoo of a The scarf covers a tattoo of a rather ugly pig.

What do the Greek people dress like?

They wear old fashion clothes and a scarf around their neck

What is a scarf spot?

The spot where you put your scarf? Neck

Whats that scarf francesco totti and some roma playes wear when playing in the cold?

it is neck warmer

Where do you wear a scarf?

You can wear a scarf anywhere especially in winter

Something a tourist might be wearing around their neck?

Camera, binoculars, scarf; or perhaps ordinary neck wear such as necklace, spectacles, lucky charm.

What did Amelia Earhart like to wear?

Her favorite color was brown. She liked to wear pants, silk blouses, and a silk scarf around her neck.

Do you need to wear a scarf to be a Muslim?

no you do not need to wear a scarf to be a muslim.Iknow cause my neighbour is a muslim and does not need to wear a scarf.

What is the advantage of scarf?

The advantage of a scarf is that it keeps your neck nice and warm.