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What is an apical impulse?

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It is a brief early systolic outward thrust , followed by late systolic retraction felt by the palpating finger when the LV contracts and rotates , the LV apex and the adjacent interventricular septum hits against the chest wall. It is usually felt at the 5th left intercostal space just inside the mid clavicular line , lasting less than 30% of systole and occupying less than 3 square cms area. Source : Horwitz ,signs and symptoms in clinical cardiology .1985. Lippincot

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An important landmark when taking the apical pulse before administering cardiac drugs is the?

point of maximum impulse (PMI)

Why should you stand on right side of patient?

It makes parts of the exam easier and more accurate such as assessment of JVD and apical impulse.

What equipment is needed to take an apical pulse?

To FEEL for the apical pulse, the "equipment" required is either the fingers and or palm of the hand and a stopwatch or watch with a second hand to count the apical rate. The cardiac apical impulse or point of maximum impulse (PMI) is located along the mid-claviclar line approx. 7-9 cm (about 3") left of the sternum within the 5th intercostal rib cage space just under the left breast. As for LISTENING to the apical pulse, one needs to emply the use of a stethoscope in order to auscultate the heart beat. The chestpiece of the stethoscope should be applied to the bare skin directly upon the PMI where heart sounds are the loudest.

Why do doctors need to stand at the right side of patients while examining them?

It makes parts of the exam easier and more accurate such as assessment of JVD and apical impulse.

What is apical fibrosis?

left apical fibrosis

What is the apical margin?

Apical margin means top layer.Apical margin means the top layer.

Why do you take an apical pulse?

why do you take an apical pulse?

Where is the apical wall?

the heart

What is an apical cell?

an apical cell is the top layer of the epidermis.

What does an apical cell do and what are its functions?

An apical is ontop of an epitheilial cell

What is the average apical pulse rate?

What is normal apical rate?

Where the apical pulse located?

apical pulse is actually the heartbeat

What is a apical bud?

the bud at the terminal end of the stem is an apical bud

What does the medical term apical mean?

Apical means pertaining to the apex.

What is right apical fibrosis?

what is fibrosis right apical lung

Is apical pulse measured by auscultation or palpation?

The apical pulse is palpable in most patients. It is easier to auscultate, however the skill of apical palpation improves with practice.

How long do you take an apical pulse?

apical pulse has to be listened to for 1 full minute

What is the ICD-9 code for Apical defect?

What is the icd code for apical defect

How do you prepare a best project on apical dominance?

i want a best project on apical dominance

What are the 16 segments such as anterior lateral inferior apical etc walls of the heart called?

I would like to know what the apical segments of the anterior wall and apical septum are?

What hormone is responsible for apical dominance?

aii Auxin which is a growth hormone is responsible for the apical dominance.

What is apical cap?

The root apex is provided with a protective covering, it is apical cap or root cap

How is the shoot apical meristem different from the root apical meristem?

The main difference betweem root and shoot apical meristem is that in case of root apical meristem dermatogen and periblem fuses at apex and give rise to calyptrogen which is responsible for the formation of root cap

What is meaningful sentence of impulse?

impulse is impulse

What is an apical pulse?

An apical pulse is a pulse taken in the 4th or 5th left intercostal space directly over the apex of the heart. The apical pulse can be auscultated or (in most patients) palpated.

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