What is an apical impulse?

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It is a brief early systolic outward thrust , followed by late systolic retraction felt by the palpating finger when the LV contracts and rotates , the LV apex and the adjacent interventricular septum hits against the chest wall. It is usually felt at the 5th left intercostal space just inside the mid clavicular line , lasting less than 30% of systole and occupying less than 3 square cms area. Source : Horwitz ,signs and symptoms in clinical cardiology .1985. Lippincot
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What is an impulse?

It is the change of rate of momentum Impulse is the integral of force over time, it is measured inNewton-seconds. For instance a force of one Newton applied over onesecond will change the momentum, a force of two Newton's appliedover half of a second will have a similar effect. For rigid body coll ( Full Answer )

What is impulse?

Impulse is change in momentum. Refer to the related link for more information and equations concerning change in momentum.

What is apical angle in cone?

The apex angle is the angle in a cone that the apex, or point, ofthe cone takes. This is measured from two opposite sides of thecone, which is found by drawing a line from the apex to the centerof the circular base, then drawing a plane through this line andusing the lines of the plane's intersectio ( Full Answer )

What is apical dominance?

Apical dominance is a concentration of growth at the tip of a plant shoot, where a terminal bud partially inhibits axillary bud growth by using hormones.

Apical heart rate?

Your apical heart rate is a medical term used by health careproviders when listening to your heartbeat. This is accomplished byplacing a stethoscope on the chest wall in an area adjacent to yourapex cordi.

What is an apical pulse?

An apical pulse is a pulse taken in the 4th or 5th left intercostal space directly over the apex of the heart. The apical pulse can be auscultated or (in most patients) palpated.

What does focal apical fibrosis mean?

Ths term is usually used in interpretation of chest x-ray examination.. It means irregular, thickened lines at the uppermost part of your lung, like a scar, caused by chronic reaction for some inflammation or infection.. In my place it is mostly caused by tuberculosis.

What is impulses?

The word impulses describes a strong and sudden desire to dosomething. It can also describe a motivation or drive to completesomething.

Why do you hear an apical beat in systole?

The systole is when the left ventricle contracts and produces a stroke volume that is felt as a pulse. This is part of the measurement of a blood pressure reading. The reason you hear the 'lubb' sound is because the ventricle contractions are stronger than the atrial contractions. The 'dupp' sou ( Full Answer )

What's apical seat?

An apical seat is the lack of a complete barrier, but there is thepresence of a constriction. It is a dental procedure thatterminates the instrumentation and creates a barrier to aid incontaining filling material.

What is apical meristem?

An apical meristem is of each root tip is a dividing zone that forms new cells in two directions. The meristem produces new cells in front of itself that become a loose fitting rootcap. Layers of cells in this cap are continually brushed off as the root elongates between soil particles. The cap is p ( Full Answer )

Where is apical meristem found?

Apical meristems are at the tips of parts that are growing longer - top of stem, end of branch, root tips.

What is an apical pneumothorax?

Apical generally refers to the the tip of a pyramidal or rounded structure, like the lung or the heart. This means that apical pneumothorax is pneumothorax that is being caused at the tip of the lung. Incase you don't know pneumothorax is a colapsed lung. This is generally from a puncture in the lun ( Full Answer )

What is an apical pulmonary nodule?

A lung nodule is a node that can be from infection, scar tissue or tumor. Depending on the size, shape and character of the nodule we determine the likelihood of cancer. If we cannot rule the possibility of lung cancer, a larger nodule (or mass) may be biopsied either using a bronchoscope by a lung ( Full Answer )

Where are apical meristems found?

The apical meristem, or the growing tip, is undifferentiatedmeristematic tissue in plants that is found in the buds and growingtips of roots. Its main function is the growth of new cells inyoung seedlings at the tips of roots and shoots. In other words, itforms buds.

Where is the apical pulse?

The apical pulse is taken with a stethoscope placed upon a person'schest. To take the apical pulse you would find the space betweenthe 5th and 6th rib, and place the diaphragm of the stethoscopethere.

Where is the apical beat of an infant?

It is normally located in the left fifth intercostal space, about 1 centimeter medial to the mid-clavicular line.. In children less than 7 years of age, the apex beat is located in the 4th intercostal space, lateral to the mid-clavicular line

Where do you take apical pulse?

How to take an apical (a-pih-kull) pulse: The apical pulse is your heart rate when counted with a stethoscope (steth-uh-skop) placed over your heart. A watch with a second hand will be needed to take your apical pulse. The following steps may help you take your apical pulse.. You should sit up or ( Full Answer )

What are lung apices?

"Apices" or "Apexes" - the plural of "apex", which is the highest point of something.

What is apical ischemia?

A Myocradial ischemia is the decreased blood flow within the heartmuscle due to a blockage. This condition should be treated by amedical professional.

What is the Apical Anteroseptal wall?

The Apical Anteroseptal wall is a thin wall and is a kinetic. Thiswall is thicken mildly during the process of systole.

What causes apical dominance?

Apical buds are those located at the end of stems; lateral buds are located in the leaf axils along the length of the stems. Apical dominance occurs when a branch tends to get longer and longer without sending off branching shoots. This occurs because of a substance called auxin which is produced in ( Full Answer )

Definition of impulse and impulsive force?

An impulse refers to the change in momentum of an object, while animpulsive force is a relative term, used to refer a relativelylarge amount of force applied on a small object. Take into accountrelative force is relative.

What is apical growth?

It is when growth occurs at the tips of roots and shoots of a plant

Is apical a noun?

No, the word apical is an ajective. It means pertaining to an apexor point. (The similar word epochal is also an adjective.)

What does clear lung apices means?

Clear lung apices means that there is not defect found in the lung.Apices is the plural of apex which is the top part of the lung.

What is the explanation for the phenomenon of apical dominance?

Apical dominance is a phenomenon seen in plants in which a central stem becomes dominant, growing faster than other stems and secreting hormones which inhibit stem growth below the terminal bud at the end of the apical stem. A number of plants and trees exhibitapical dominance, with fir trees being ( Full Answer )

What is a root apical meristem protected by?

A root apical meristem is protected by a root cap as it pushes through the abrasive soil. The root cap also secretes a polysaccharide slime that lubricates the soil around the tip of the root.

What is the apical surface of epithelial tissue?

The portion of the cell exposed to the lumen. The layer of plasma membrane on the apical side (side towards the lumen) of the epithelial cells in a body tube or cavity, separated from the basolateral membrane by the zonula occludens.- thefreedictionary.com

What does the term apical mean?

An anatomical term relating to the apex of an organ...often times this refers to the apex of the heart.

Apical pulse versus arterial pulse?

An arterial pulse is one which is taken over top of an artery, ex. Radial, Femoral, Carotid pulse, ect. An Apical pulse is one taken in between the 4th or 5th left intercostal space. It isn't taken from an artery, but from below the heart itself.(Apex of the heart) Source: I'm a paramedic.

What is apical bullous disease?

Apical Bullous Disease is the most common form of emphysema. It isa disease that is characterized by abnormal air spaces in thelungs. Also, deterioration of the tissue in the alveoli. Apicalmeans that it is occurring in the upper or top part of the lungs.

What is bilateral apical fibrosis?

Bilateral apical fibrosis is a term used when reading CT scan andx-rays. It refers to scarring from past infections in the lungs.

What equipment is needed to take an apical pulse?

To FEEL for the apical pulse, the "equipment" required is either the fingers and or palm of the hand and a stopwatch or watch with a second hand to count the apical rate. The cardiac apical impulse or point of maximum impulse (PMI) is located along the mid-claviclar line approx. 7-9 cm (about 3") le ( Full Answer )

What is mild scarring of the lung apices?

Mild scaring of the lung apices is a condition that might be seenon an x-ray of the lungs. This can be caused by a variety ofillnesses and is treated by a physician.

What is chronic apical pulmonary fibrosis?

Chronic means constant. Apical means relating to. Pulmonary means of the lungs. Fibrosis means the formation of excess fibrous connective tissue. So it means constant formation of excess fibrous connective tissuein the lungs.

What is apical cap?

The root apex is provided with a protective covering, it is apical cap or root cap

What is apical thrust?

In the field of cardiology, the apical thrust, also referred to as apex beat or cardiac impulse, is the beat of the left ventricular contraction. It can be palpitated.

In computing what does APIC stand for?

In computing, the term APIC stands for Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller. It is a more advanced version of a programable interrupt controller, which uses interrupts onto CPU lines.

What is the function of the apical meristem?

Apical meristem is found at the tip of the root and shoot and ismade of cells that divide at a rapid pace. The apical meristemhelps the plant to grow up above the soil and down into the ground.This growth is called primary growth.