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An artery is any blood vessel in the body which carries blood away from the heart to the organs, muscles and other tissue that needs it. Some arteries in the human body include the coronary arteries (take blood from the heart to the heart, strangely enough), pulmonary arteries (heart to the lungs to oxygenate it), the femoral arteries (supply blood to the legs) and the brachial arteries (supply blood to the arms).

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Branches of the internal iliac artery?

Posterior Division: Iliolumbar artery, lateral sacral artery, superior gluteal artery. Anterior Division: inferior gluteal artery, middle rectal artery, uterine artery, obturator artery, inferior vesical artery, superior vesical artery, obliterated umbilical artery, internal pudendal artery

In which vessels can a pulse be felt?

Carotid Artery, Radial Artery, Brachial Artery, Femoral Artery, Popliteal Artery, Posterior Tibial Artery, Dorsalis Pedis Artery. These are the main ones that are checked.

Which vessel can a pulse be felt?

Carotid Artery Radial Artery Brachial Artery Femoral Artery Popliteal Artery Posterior Tibial Artery Dorsalis Pedis Artery These are the main ones that are checked.

What is the name of artery present in rabbit but absent in frog?

portal artery or phrenic artery or sciatic artery or renal artery

What is the functions of the facial artery?

What is function of facial artery What is function of facial artery What is function of facial artery What is function of facial artery

What are the names of some arteries and veins?

Some arteries are: Aorta Brachiocephalic artery Right Common Carotid Artery Right Subclavian artery Left Common Carotid Artery Left Subclavian artery Axillary Artery Internal Thoracic Artery Superior Epigastric Artery Musculophrenic Artery Superior Thoracic Artery Thoracoacromial Trunk Lateral Thoracic Artery Celiac Trunk Left Gastric Artery Common Hepatic Artery Splenic Artery Right Hepatic Artery Cystic Artery Gastroduodenal Artery Anterior and Posterior Superior Pancreaticoduodenal Arteries Superior Mesenteric Artery Anterior and Posterior Inferior Pancreaticoduodenal Arteries Intestinal Arteries (to the jejunum and ileum) Ileocecal artery Right Colic Artery Middle Colic Artery Inferior Mesenteric Artery Left Colic Artery Sigmoid Artery Rectosigmoid Artery Superior Rectal Artery Common Iliac Artery Internal Iliac Artery Internal Pudendal artery Inferior Vesical Artery Inferior Gluteal Artery Middle Rectal Artery Umbilical Artery Deferential Artery Uterine Artery Obturator Artery Median Sacral Artery Lateral Sacral Artery Iliolumbar Artery Superior Gluteal Artery External Iliac Artery Superficial Epigastric Artery Inferior Epigastric Artery Femoral Artery Deep Femoral Artery Medial Circumflex Femoral Artery Lateral Circumflex Femoral Artery Anterior Tibial Artery Posterior Tibial Artery Fibular Artery Some veins are: Superior Vena Cava Inferior Vena Cava Brachiocephalic Vein Subclavian Vein Internal Jugular Vein External Jugular Vein Axillary Vein Left Renal Vein Right Renal Vein Superior Mesenteric Vein Splenic Vein Inferior Mesenteric Vein Hepatic Portal Vein Hepatic Veins Great Saphenous Vein Small Saphenous Vein Femoral Vein Prostatic Venous Plexus Pampiniform Venous Plexus Batson's Venous Plexus Superior Rectal Vein Middle Rectal Vein Inferior Rectal Vein

What is the artery that gives rise to radial artery?

anterior spinal artery or posterior intercostal artery

What is the axillary artery?

The axillary artery is a major artery of the upper limb. It continues from the subclavian artery.

What is the next vessel after the axillary artery and before the radial and ulnar artery?

The vessel after the axillary artery, before it branches into the radial artery and ulnar artery is called the brachial artery.

Blood in what artery will enter into the brachial artery?

Axillary artery.

Which artery is the only artery in the body that is deoxygen?

pulmonary artery

What is a leg artery?

An artery in the leg is called the "femoral artery."

Is the pulmonary artery the largest artery?

No, the aorta is the largest artery.

What artery becomes the femoral artery?

the external iliac artery

What is the pathway of blood from the heart to the kidneys?

Aorta>Renal Artery>Segmental Artery>Lobar Artery>Interlobar Artery>Arcuate Artery>Cortical Radiate Artery>Afferent Arteriole>Glomerulus

What is a Carotid artery aneurysm?

An aneurysm is a sac-like widening of an artery, usually due to weak artery walls. The carotid artery is an artery in the neck going to the head. An aneurysm in a carotid artery is known as a carotid artery aneurysm.

What is the last branch of the external carotid artery?

External Carotid Artery,which is a branch of Brachiocephalic Artery give 8 major branches 1,Superior Thyroid Artery 2,Ascending Pharyngeal Artery 3,Lingual Artery 4,Facial Artery 5,Occipital Artery 6,Posterior Auricular Artery 7,Maxillary Artery 8,Superficial Temporal Artery Superficial Temporal Artery is the last branch and it ends by anastomosing withSupraorbital branch of Internal carotid artery

Trace a drop of blood from the heart to the right arm?

Heart-->Arch of Aorta-->Brachiocephalic-->Subclavian Artery-->Axillary Artery (which itself branches off into the Superior Thoracic Artery, Lateral Thoracic Artery, Thoracoacromial Artery, Posterior Circumflex Artery, Anterior Circumflex Artery, Subclavian Artery, etc. each with their own respective branches)-->Brachial Artery-->Ulnar Artery, Radial Artery, Deep Artery of the Arm, Ulnar Collateral Arteries (Superior and Inferior)

What blood vessels branch off the aorta?

In order of distance alone the aorta from the heart coronary Arteries; the brachiocephalic artery; left common carotid artery; left subclavian artery; left bronchial; oesophageal artery; right bronchial artery; mediastinal artery; poterior intercostal arteries; subcostal arteries; inferior phrenic artery, celiac trunk artery, middle suprarenal artery; superior mesenteric artery; renal artery; 1st lumbar arteries; gonadal arteries; 2nd lumbar artery; inferior mesenteric artery; 3rd lumbar artery; 4th lumbar artery. Bellow this the artery bifurcates into the common illiac arteries.

Blood from the popliteal artery comes directly from what artery?

femoral artery

What femoral artery femoral artery becomes at the knee?

Popliteal artery

What three vessels does blood from the celiac artery flow into?

Splenic Artery, Left Gastric Artery, and Hepatic Artery

Name of the artery in your neck?

The main artery in your neck is called the Carotid Artery. It is the largest artery in the neck region.

Trace blood from aortic arch to left radial artery?

aortic arch - subclavian artery - axillary artery - brachial artery - left radial artery

Where is the Celtic artery located?

Do you mean the "Celiac artery"? if so, its an artery that originates from the abdominal aorta just below the diaphragm and branches into the left gastric artery and the common hepatic artery and the splenic artery.