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Money held as a form of wealth.

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Q: What is an asset demand for money?
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What is asset demand for money?

Asset demand for money is dependent on interest rates. The money slope goes down if interest rate goes down. In contrast, money slope goes up if interest rate goes up.

When the interest rate fails does the asset for demand for money decrease?

You may need to rephrase your question.

What is a variable asset?

the asset value which changes with respect to the demand constraints is called varible asset

Is demand deposits an asset on the accounting books of a bank or a liability?

an asset

Is demand deposits an asset or liability?


Are trust demand deposits a current asset?


Is money owed by a customer an asset or a liability?

yes- (it is an asset)

What is the total demand for money?

According to John Maynard Keynes, the total demand for money is composed of transactional demand, precautionary demand and speculative demand for money.

Is money lent by a bank a current asset or non current asset?

non current asset

The most liquid asset is?


Which of these is the most liquid asset?


Is a cheque account an asset?

The account itself is not an asset, but any money credited to the account is.

What happens to money demand when there is an increase in interest rates?

money demand will decrease

Why is a bank loan a financial asset?

The only way that a bank loan can be an asset is if the loan is less than what the assett is worth. Otherwise I do not belive a bank loan can be an assett. Answer 1: A Bank loan is an asset for the bank because it is money that a customer will repay. Any instrument in which money will be received can be considered an asset. In case of a loan, it is an asset to the bank and a liability to the person who borrowed the money

What is the difference between asset management and private banking?

The difference between asset management and private banking is the source of the money. In asset management, the money comes from financial and insurance companies as well as certain funds. In private banking, the money is from individuals.

Are debtor an asset?

Yes they are. A debtor owes you money - so they are an asset rather than a liability

Is property an asset or liability?

Suppose if you have a house and you are paying it then it cannot be asset because it is taking out of your money and not giving money and that is liability.

Is a checking account an asset?

From the account holders perspective yes a checking account is an asset. The amount of money you have in your checking account is your asset. From the banks perspective it is a liability because whenever you want your money, the bank has to give it to you.

The interest rate falls if Answer a money demand shifts left or money supply shifts right b either money demand or money supply shifts left c money demand shifts right or money supply shi?


How can you be an asset to the bank?

If you take a loan from the bank, then you become an asset to the bank. That is because, you owe money to the bank and the bank has all rights to take the money and the interest that you are supposed to pay for the loan from you. So any kind of money that is to be received by anyone is an asset and so similarly, a loan that people will pay back to the bank will be an asset to the bank.

Decrease an asset account and decrease a liability account?

if you have a asset and you sale it and then money which you get pay as a liability so decreas in asset and decreas in liability occurs.

If consumers begin using credit cards for all of their purchases you would expect to see inc demand for money dec demand for money dec in quantity demanded of money?

decrease in the demand for money

Why does the LM curve slope upwards?

In equilibrium: Money supply = Money demand.Summarizing it, we can explain the upward sloping LM curve as following:If income is high then thedemand for money will be high relative to the fixed supply. In order to equilibrate money demand and money supply, interest rates have to also be high to reduce money demand

What is the relationship between interest rates and demand for money?

As interest rates decrease, demand for money increases.

What is describes how an investment is made?

Putting money into an asset.