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What is an average monthly natural gas bill in dc?

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Q: What is an average monthly natural gas bill in dc?
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What is an average monthly natural gas bill in US?

$20-35 in the summer, and $100-200+ in the winter depending on the size of your house and the severity of the winter. It can be less than $100 if you have a small house where it doesn't get too cold. Your bill can run into several 100's for a big house in a northern climate.Average consumption depends on your home size and location. A "one-size-fits-all" national average would likely not be very meaningful to your particular situation.See for average gas and electricity bills in your area.

What is the percentage of methane in natural gas?

On average there is about 95% methane in natural gas, with a range of 87 to 97 %.

How To Reduce Your Average Monthly Electric Bill?

A space heater may seem like a good way to save money on gas if you do not want to have the heat up as high in your house, but you will need to see how it impacts your electricity bill. Many times these are the things that drive electric bills up to surprising levels. They use a lot of power to create all of that heat. If you want to reduce your average monthly electric bill, you will need to find out how much you are saving on gas. If it is less than you are spending in electricity, turn the heater off.

How much is a monthly average electric bill from Con-Edison?

depends on where you live normally for 3 bedroom apartment is 50-100 (cooking gas and electricity) I currently live in a 2 family house, and the bill is 600dollars for both first and second floor electricity, heating and cooking gas.

What is the natural gas strip?

It is the average of the daily settlement price of the next 12 months futures contracts for natural gas.

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Average monthly gas bill?


What is the average monthly gas bill for a 2 bedroom home in kansas?

What is the average gas bill in Kansas

What is the average monthly UK gas bill for a 2 bedroom flat?

Average is £30-£60 Monthly with British Gas.

What is the average gas bill for an apartment in Houston?

I have heard that the average gas bill for Houston apartments is about a $45 bill monthly during the winter.

What is the average monthly winter UK gas bill for a 2 bedroom flat?


How much is the average natural gas bill?

too much.

What is the average monthly heating bill in Chicago?

The average bill for gas heating can be anywhere from 65 dollars all the way to 150 dollars. It depends on how often you use it.

Average monthly cost for gas?


Average Out the Gas Bill?

Various times of the year will result in differing amounts owed for certain services in the home. A good example of this is the amount of gas that is used on a monthly basis. For a home that uses gas for heating, winter will see a rise in the monthly amount due to the gas company. To help offset this additional expense, many gas companies have created programs to pay a gas bill average every month. They will monitor a year's usage and average it out each month. This way the payment is the same and allows for easier budgeting.

Average monthly gas cost?

It is around $150.00

What is an average monthly gas bill in Chicago?

The gas prices solely depend on where you stay and who is in the home. Some people may have it set up where they pay the same amount each month for there gas bill. It also depends on the time of year. In the winter the gas bills are higher the average for Chicago in the winter of this year was a hundred dollars.

Are gas bill calculations accurate?

Most gas bill calculators are accurate in depicting how much your monthly gas bill will cost. In fact they are a great way to manage your expenses and budget for gas.