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What is an average product?

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it refers to the product per unit of the variable factor.


AP=TP/Q and i have no idea what im talking about! soo lol hahahahahahahahah! idk! dont use wiki answer its not very good! thanks!

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Why marginal product curve intersect the average product curve at the maximum?

of average product.

Draw a diagram with marginal product and average productExplain the relationship between marginal product and average product?

Marginal product is any input in the production process is the increase in the quantity of output obtained from on additional unit of the input. Average product is the output produced when one more unit of the variable factor is employed The relationship is state as: If labour's marginal product is exceed its average product that means labour's average product will be rising. Labour's average product will be falling. If labour's marginal product is less than its average product. If labour's marginal product is equal its average product and the average product will reach the minimum value at the point.

Marginal product is always decreasing the average product is always above the marginal product?

If average product is decreasing then?

Relationship between Tota Product Marginal Product and Average Product?

Average Product = (Total Product) / (Labor) Marginal Product(2) = (Total Product)(2) - (Total Product)(1)

Relationship between total product marginal product and average product?

Just remember that marginal always leads average. Whatever the marginal product does the average will always do the same soon after.

Define total product and average product?

Total product is a term used to measure exactly how much product is made or sold. Average product is used to compare the making or selling of a product over time.

What is relationship between average product and marginal product?

Marginal product is equal to average product when average product is maximumMarginal product determines the behaviour of the Average product. AP rises, reaches maximum and thereafter falls.For all sections that the MP is greater than the AP, the AP rises and MP is below AP, the AP decreases.Marginal product reaches maximum at a lower level of employment than does the AP

Why the average product increases but never reaches zero?

why average product labour never gets to zero

Define average product?

Average product defined as- dividing total production of inputted variables by number of inputted variables. For example- average product of 3,5,7,9 is-(3+5+7+9)/4= 6.

When average product is highest Options Total product is maximum Marginal product is maximum Marginal product is zero Marginal product is negative?


What is average product with an example?

it is nothing.

What is a marginal product?

marginal product is always decreasing the average is always above!.

What is the relationship between average cost and average product?

We can think about this problem as both side that is long term and short term. This relation is invers ratio, I mean, If average cost increase, average product should decrease.

Is average product never negative?

Not true.

what is the average cost of the product Toshiba REGZA Cinema Series 46XV545U 46 in. 1080p LCD HDTV?

The average cost of this product is about 1,500 USD.

When total product is rising both average product and marginal product must also be rising true or false?

that will be false! hope this helps!

Why does marginal product cross average product?

Because the Almighty Gaylord Focker wanted it that way. HALLELUJAH!!

What is the average length of time for usage?

That depends on the product chosen.

What does the average Lentek Mosquito Trap price for?

The average Lentek Mosquito Trap prices for aroun 20.00. This product has recieved excellent reviews and appears to be an excellent product for the money you pay for it.

What are the advantages of the weighted average method?

Consistent product cost is used.

The product of the number of employees and the average salary?

e x s

what is the average cost of the product Whirlpool 8171414 Water filter replaces 8171788, WFI NLC200?

The avaerage cost is about $40 for this product.

What is the approximate average income of a typical buyer?

This is the income that the average consumer will be able to purchase. This is not the money that is available for just your product.

what is the average price for a mp3 fm tuner?

The average price for a MP3 FM Tuner can be checked out You can search for the best product that fits your needs, check out the review of the product and compare prices with various sellers.

In the short run if marginal product is at its maximum what happens to average cost?

it is at its minimum