What is an average weight for a 5' 2 13-year-old girl?

  • Wondering if you are the perfect weight is up to you. Thinking if you are overweight or underweight is just making your life a wreak. 105-120 is good. If you are under don't worry. If you are over maybe you have more muscle than fat. If you have more fat just take a little diet. Stop drinking as many unhealthy drinks..... and less fatty things like chips and chocolate.
  • I am a 5' 3" 13-year-old girl and I weigh just over seven stone, which is approximately 98 pounds. I don't care about my weight.
  • I am a 13 year old year girl.... i am 5'2/5'3 and i weigh abouts 5 stone 5, 5 stone 6??????????? please tell me,, is this normal? am i over weight or normal size?