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should be

an bhfuil tú i do dhalta fós?

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Q: What is an bhfuil tu dalta fos?
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What doe this mean Tu go hiontach an bhfuil tu damhsa liom?

"Tá tú go hiontach" means "You're wonderful" "An bhfuil tú damhsa liom?" means "Are you dancing with me?"

An bhfuil tu go mhaith an maidin seo?

It should be "go maith" and "ar maidin inniu". "An bhfuil tú go maith ar maidin inniu?" means "Are you well this morning?"

Dia duit cen chaol a bhfull tu inniu?

"Dia duit" should be "Dia dhuit" "chaol a bhfull" should be "chaoi a bhfuil" "Dia dhuit, cén chaoi a bhfuil tú inniu?" means "Hello, how are you today?"

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