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They do so in all (3) 'states of matter' (gas, liquid, solid) but their freedom in movement is very different, as is the mean distance between molecules or atoms (if you compare for instance liquid or solid with gas).

However, all particles are evenly spread when 'in one particular state of matter'.

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What is it called when molecules of a substance are evenly spread out through an area?

when molecules of a substance are evenly spread, they are at a atate of equilibrium.That would be the definition of the word Equilibrium.

When molecules are spread out evenly throughout a space?

When gas molecules are spread out evenly throughout a space they are in equilibrium. This is because pressure is even, enthalpy is minimum and entropy is maximum.

What is cell equilibrium?

Occurs when molecules of one substance is spread evenly through out another substance

What is solutions?

solutions mixture of two or more substance in which the molecules of the substances are evenly distributed

What is a collid in chemistry?

type of mixture in which one substance is dispersed evenly throughout another

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