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A kidney that is visible by sonography

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what is the echogenic focus of the kidney mean

Echogenic is the ability of an organ to generate sound waves. An echogenic kidney will generate sound waves making an ultrasound possible.

Echogenic foci in the gallbladder are usually small polyps. They can be seen on an ultrasound and are often benign.

Echogenic liver is also known as fatty liver. This is when fat deposits on the liver and can't burn itself off.

Results from a liver scan said the following: Liver is enlarged in size with echogenic parenchyma and moderate degree of attenuation. What does that mean?

Renal parenchymal disease basically appear echogenic. There are three grades of renal parenchymal disease. Grade 1: the Kidney parenchyma is isoechoic to the liver, but there is still cortiomedullary differentiation. Grade 2: the kidney parenchyma is hyperechoic to the liver with preservation of corticomedullary differentiation. Grade 3: kidney appears hyperechoic. No corticomedullary differentiation!

An echogenic nodule is when something appears solid and brighter than anything near it in radiology. The nodules are usually 2cm or smaller and solid, but they can be fluid-based, too.

Hepatic veins do not have echogenic walls. Anechoic means not having or not producing echoes. The hepatic vein carries blood from the liver.

Echogenic spleen is simply a phrase used within the medical field to describe a spleen that is being seen via an ultrasound. Coders and transcriptionists are the ones who use this phrase most often.

An accessory kidney is an "extra" kidney.

A native kidney biopsy is a biopsy of the kidney with which you were born, not of the donated kidney.

There is Chronic Kidney Failure. There is also Kidney Nephrolithotems, and Kidney cancer.

Your kidney is shaped like a kidney bean.

Kidney stones. Kidney failure.

the right kidney is higher than the left kidney

The kidney is surrounded by fat to protect the kidney from damage.

A kidney stone can cause damage to the kidney.

Kidney failure and kidney rejection can still remain after kidney transplant.

Edema means swelling. An edematous kidney is a swollen kidney.

An opisthonephric kidney is the functional kidney of anamniotes, fish, and amphibians.

Kidney secrete hormone erythropoietin.ADH and aldestorone effect kidney.

How do I apply for a kidney?

The term "hyperechoic" refers to an organ that produces echoes of a higher amplitude on an ultrasound. A hyperechoic foci is an area that shows up abnormally echogenic.