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What is an electric shared neutral?

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An electric shared neutral is the white or negative wire that is shared between two electrical circuits on a basic single phase system. Most electrical devices use 120 volts and require a "hot" wire and a neutral wire to operate. Some larger devices use 240 volts and require two "hot" wires to operate. Two circuit breakers in an electrical panel can share one neutral wire as long as the breakers are not on the same "leg" of power. When looking at an electrical panel there are usually two "legs" of power feeding all the breakers, each leg has 120 Volts to ground, if the "legs" are combined you will have 240 Volts. A neutral wire can be shared by two circuits as long as the breakers are on separate "legs". If someone needed to add two circuits in their home, the could run what is called a 3-wire romex, It has a black wire, a red wire, a white wire and a ground wire. The white wire is the neutral for both the black and red 120 volt circuits, and the breakers for the new circuits would need to be on separate "legs" in the panel.

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A molecule is the neutral particle formed when?

A molecule is the neutral particle formed when electrons are shared between atoms. The charge is neutral when electrons are shared, negative when they gain electrons, and positive when they lose electrons.

When a substance is neutral?

has no electric charge

Does a neutral charge attract another neutral charge?

No, neutral charges don't have electric attractions between them.

Why can you touch a neutral bar?

Neutral would refer to some object or circuit which has the same electric potential as the relative object. A "neutral bar," would mean a conductor which has no electric potential. If your body has no electric potential, then the potentials will equal, and no energy will be transferred.

Does a neutron have an electric charge?

No. Neutrons are neutral.

What electric charge does water have?

no charge..its neutral

What is the electric charge of neutron?

0, Neutral :)

What is the electric charge of a atoms nucleus?


Does a neutral atom have an overall electric charge?

No. To be neutral, in this case, actually means to have no electrical charge.

What are the two types of electric charge?

coulomb and neutral!

Is a neutral group of atoms bonded together by shared electrons?

covalent bond

Who invented the electric computer?

It is the human being shared invention

What is the electric potential of the earth?

The electric potential of the earth is zero (0) because earth is neutral.

Why you use earth for neutral?

Neutral should only be connected to earth (ground) at the main electric panel. You should NOT use earth in lieu of neutral.

Why do some electric panel have ground and neutral bonded together?

By National Electric Code only the Main Panel should bond ground and neutral. If subpanels have ground and neutral bonded, it could cause ground loops and shock hazards.

When using 10 2 wire for a 3 wire dryer can the neutral wire be the unshielded ground wire or does it have to be shielded?

If your electric dryer (meaning the heating element is electric, not gas) has a neutral you need 4 conductors: 2 are hot, 1 is neutral, one is ground. Neutral should always be insulated. If your electric dryer does not have a neutral you need 3 conductors: 2 are hot, one is ground The ground in either case can be bare.

Why you get an electric shock if you touch live and neutral wire?

Because there is a potential difference between the live and neutral wires.

What is the definition of Neutral Charge?

having a balanced electric potential

Is an object that has no electric charge as a whole is negative or positive?

No. It is neutral.

What are the examples of electric field?

An area around a neutral particle

What are the three laws of electric charge?

The 3 laws of electric charges; -Opposites attract -Like charges repel. -neutral attract(a positive/negative + neutral will attract) Hope that helps.

How do you put on a four prong outlet on a roper electric dryer?

Black & Red are hot, and White is neutral. If it has no place to connect neutral connect neutral to ground.

Why are metals good conductors of electric current?

An electric current can be carried through a metal by the free flow of the shared electrons.

Is electric field can deflect y-rays?

As gamma rays are neutral it cannot be deflected by electric field.

What is the electric charge of an object which is described as neutral?

The charge of a neutral object is 0. It has neither positive nor negative charge.

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