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Where you can send a photo or document or music along with your e-mail.

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How do you use an attachment in an email?

Click the button of "Add attachment".

What does attachment mean in email technology?

An attachment is a file that is sent along with an email message. Imagine a postal envelope containing a letter and a small picture of the sender. The envelope is the email, the letter is the body of the email and the picture could be an attachment.

An email can transmit one of these in an attachment?

An email attachment can contain a virus, be carefull not to open anything from an unknown sender.

How do you download an email attachment on an iPad?

The email attachment shows up as a blank icon in the email message. Touch the icon and the attachment will download. Note that you will only be able to open attachments that the iPad can deal with.

What does email attachment mean?

Email attachment is the term given to files that have been attached to an email. When sending an email, the sender can attach one or more files, that the recipient of the email can download and open.

How do I open up an email attachment in openSUSE?

That would depend on what the attachment was.

How do you send photos by email?

By way of an attachment. Email application have an attachment symbol (usually a paperclip). Click on this and follow the instructions.

What does the paper clip symbol stand for in email?

attachment in the email.


An attachment is a file (text, picture, video, etc) that is attached (fixed) to an email. The attachment does not appear on the face of the email, but has to be opened to be viewed by the recipient.

How do you read an attachment sent to you by email?

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What are the Facilities provided by the email?


What is the Symbol of email attachment?


What is Email attachment?

An email attachment is an added extra to an email being sent to a certain person. It can be pictures, videos or even a web adresss. Next time you send an email give it a go

How you can download an email attachment that has not been decoded properly?

You can still download an email attachment that has not been decoded properly, it just probably won't open. You will need the sender to resend the attachment.

How do you email pictures?

you send as an can attach it as a file onto the email

What is an attachment button used for in an email?

To attach a file, such as a photo, to an email.

Where is an email attachment saved by default when the email is opened?

Temporary memory

Src error when sending email attachment?

The attachment can to big or has not allowed file type.

How do you send a visual studio program as an email attachment?

Try to zip it then send as an attachment.

How do you read an attached email?

You can read an attachment by left clicking on the attachment, or right clicking on the attachment and left clicking on "Open".

How can a file be sent by email?

Most email systems allow you to attach a file to an email message. Look for keywords such as 'attachment' or 'file.' Sometimes a paperclip icon indicates the attachment command. Once you have found the attachment, select the file you wish to send, confirm that you wish to upload it, and send the email.

What is any file connected to an email?

An attachment.

Why a password is needed to open an email attachment?


How can you send an email without attachments?

New emails are automatically blank, meaning they don't have an attachment. You actually have to go out of your way to put an attachment on the email.

What is an attachment on Email?

its something you attach to an email. such as: a video, a link, a document etc.