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What is an emu parade?


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An emu parade is when group of children or adults is spread across any area. As they walk, they pick up any piece of rubbish they come across. In a short space of time, the area is absolutely spotless.

The original concept of a methodical emu parade, which originally involved a strict line formation, has been lost through the years. In an emu parade, the participants do not maintain a line, but spread out in all directions. Emu parades are commonly used in schools to control litter. the point of the exercise is to check all nooks, crannies and corners for any piece of rubbish to pick up.


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An emu parade is organised to pick up rubbish and litter. It is a popular practice of primary school principals, to organise an emu parade in the school grounds to clean up the area.

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There is no other name for an emu. It is an Australian flightless bird. It is not an ostrich, or a cassowary, or a kiwi. It is just an emu.

A group of emu eggs that is being incubated by a male emu is called a "clutch".

As a matter of fact, three species of emu are now extinct. The King Island emu (or Black emu), Tasmanian emu and the Kangaroo Island emu (or Dwarf emu) are all extinct as a result of being hunted for food by whalers and sealers in the 19th century. The mainland emu (Dromaius novaehollandiae) is able to defend itself against predators, outrunning them with its high speed, endurance and exceptional ability to turn quickly.

There is just one species of emu, scientific name Dromaius novaehollandiae.There used to be more known breeds, but hungry sealers and whalers caused the extinction of the three island species - the King Island emu, Tasmanian emu and Dwarf emu.

There is no name for a male and female emu.

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