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What is an emulator and how do you use it?

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How do you use a Sega Saturn emulator?

You use a sega saturn emulator by dragging the rom onto the emulator. From there you should be able to use it to play ISO games. I hope this helped you!

How do you use wifi on your NDS Emulator?

You need to download an emulator that supports wifi

What emulator do you use to play Game Boy Color games?

VisualBoy Advancethis is use for game boy emulator

How do use GameShark on gba emulator?

You cannot use a GameShark on an emulator. Reason for this is when the GameShark was created it had to be in contact with both the game and the device to run the cheats. With an emulator it cannot be physically in contact.

Do you need WiFi to use a Game Boy advance emulator on an ipod touch?

No you do not need wifi to use the gameboy emulator.

Is it legal to play games on PC by a nds emulator?

You can't. It's illegal to use any type of emulator if you do not own the console of the emulator..

How do you get Lugia on Pokemon Stadium 2 on emulator?

On an emulator, use cheats. You could only bring Lugia over by connecting with the game cartridge, but you use an emulator, so cheats is the only way.

How do you use Nintendo 64 emulator?

Download games (ROMS) from the Internet extract them and open them in the emulator

How do you use abacus whiz abacus host-Emulator-1?

for example , 122marisbman

What emulator does azureblade49 use?

Azureblade49 uses a ZSNES emulator for his ROM hacks. I suggest you google it.

How do you blow out the flames to get into the temple in Zelda Phantom Hourglass emulator?

On the emulator version, if your emulator as a button you can press to emulate blowing, then that's what you use. You may be able to use a microphone, but if you don't have that or a button then you can't.

How do you emulate PlayStation 2 games on a computer?

Use an emulator program. You can find one at

Can you use Gameshark on a PC that has a GBA emulator on it?

Yes, you must click on the "cheats" button on the emulator and then type in the code.

How do you use gameshark on GBC emulator like KiGB?

You have to download the Emulator Enhancer.

Can you use a computer like a normal one after you use an emulator?

Yes, you can.

What is a good emulator?

For the nes, I use: fceux. For game boy color and game boy advance, I use: visual boy advance. for ds games, I use: No$gba. You can get them at:

How do you use a emulator?

You download what's called a ROM, and put it on your files, and then click on open (ROM) on your emulator. you can get a ROM from

Which emulator is required for running Pokemon Ranger?

A GBA or NDS, but I think you should use No$gba emulator, it works with both...

Where i can find an emulator od ds?

Use Google to search for NO$GBA it's an emulator for both DS and GBA games.

How do you use nds files on your PC?

you will need an emulator. search ''nds emulator'' without the '' on google and you'll find some

How do you play a N64 emulator with no controller?

Use the PSP.

The best PlayStation 1 emulator?

You can use a PlayStation 1 emulator to play PlayStation 1 games on the PC. One of the best emulators to use is Epsxe 1.8.0.

How does one use a dolphin emulator?

To use a dolphin emulator, one has to purchase the game from legit sources, that is, the official website. After downloading it, one can open it and start playing.

How do you use an emulator on Windows and do you need a special program other then the emulator?

No - the emulator should run without additional software. For example - last year, I was using a Sinclair Spectrum emulator in order to write a couple of programs to run on the Spectrum computers. All I needed to do was download the emulator - and run it as and when required from my desktop.

From where you can get psp emulator for PC?

You can get one at:, but you need a super computer to use it. lol, and I don't know where to get a psp ROM.